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Introducing the Samsung Smart Media Player, the ultimate upgrade for any TV in your home. It serves as your cable box and gives you access to smart apps, including.

Oct 17, 2013  Samsung noted that using the Smart Media Player s provided remote, viewers can switch easily between cable content, movies, games, and other smart TV.

Oct 17, 2013  New Samsung Smart Media Player Helps Any TV Get Smart All-In-One Device Brings More Than 100 Smart Apps Plus Live Cable Content to Any TV October.

Samsung s upcoming Smart Media Player will let you turn any TV into a Samsung Smart TV for a price.

The first time you connect your Smart Media Player to your TV and power it on, the Initial Setup displays. Make sure your TV is set to the correct HDMI input so you are able to see the screen.

Smart Media Player Remote

Cable Card if connecting to cable

Coax Cable if connecting to cable

On the Initial Setup screen you will choose your preferred language. English is automatically highlighted, press Enter. Alternatively, you can press the right arrow button on your Smart Media Player remote to highlight the arrow on the right side of the screen and press Enter.

The Clock Setup screen appears. Choose if you want Daylight Savings Time DST on or off, and your appropriate time zone. Once completed, your clock will be set automatically based off of your cable provider or internet service provider s ISP data. Use the right arrow button on the Smart Media Player remote to highlight Next and press Enter.

Essential Details  Network Settings displays. If you have already connected an Ethernet cable to the unit, it will automatically select the Wired network type. Otherwise, the network type will default to Wireless. Use the down arrow on your Smart Media Player remote to highlight Wireless network and press Enter.

Select your home network from the list of networks and press Enter.  

If your network is password protected, an on-screen keyboard will appear for you to enter your password. Use the arrow buttons on your Smart Media remote to enter your password. Highlight Done when you are finished and then press Enter.

The Smart Media Player then connects to the network and runs a network test. When complete, close will be highlighted, press Enter.

Connect RF Cable appears. Connect an RF cable coaxial cable from the connection in your room to the connection on the back of your Smart Media Player. Once you have connected the RF cable, highlight the arrow on the right side of the screen and press Enter.

Note: If you do not use cable, and just want to use the Smart and streaming features of the Smart Media Player, select the option at the bottom of the screen that says I don t use an RF cable.  Doing this will skip you directly to the Smart Hub Terms and Conditions. You can skip ahead in this guide to step 14.

Insert CableCard appears. Insert your cable card, and the Smart Media Player will confirm that the cable card has been inserted properly. Select Next, and press Enter.

Note: CableCards are obtained from your cable provider. If you don t have a cable card at this time, or simply do not use a cable card, select I don t use a CableCard.

Next the Tuning Adapter Guide appears. This may not be applicable for most installations, however if your cable company requires a Tuning Adapter, please contact them for additional information and connect the unit based on the diagram.

The next step is Auto Program. Begin by selecting the type of antenna you have. If you have cable select Cable. Otherwise, if you have an over-the-air antenna then choose Air. The Cable System can be determined by checking other TVs in your home, or by calling the cable company. Once you have made your selections, highlight Scan and press Enter.

Note: Auto Program is skipped if you installed a cable card. This is because the information being requested is already stored on the cable card.

The Smart Media Player will now begin scanning your channels. Let the status bar reach 100.  At that time, it will display how many channels were memorized. If you are satisfied, highlight the right arrow and press enter. You can also change settings or scan again if you feel it necessary.

Next Service Provider Selection appears. This is for users who installed a cable card. Enter your zip code using the number pad on the remote and press enter when you are finished. The TV will search for the appropriate data for your area.

Once the search is complete, the providers in your area will be listed. Choose yours and press Enter. Confirm your selection on the pop-up box by selecting OK, otherwise select Cancel and choose another provider.

Next the Smart Hub Terms and Conditions appear. You must agree to each of the terms by selecting the box next to the terms labeled I Agree. Make sure to scroll down as there are multiple terms. Please be aware that if the terms and conditions are not agreed to, there may be some applications or features that are disabled as a result. If you d like to read the full policy of terms before you agree, select the View details button. Otherwise, highlight the right arrow and press Enter.

Finally setup is now complete. Done is automatically highlighted. Press Enter to be returned to the channel that you started on. Now you are able to enjoy all the features of your Samsung Smart Media Player.

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While Netflix is chatting up providers about anchoring its app on cable boxes, access to the streaming service s library will be available on the upcoming Samsung Smart Media Player aka Smart Cable Box. Posted over at Zatz Not Funny, the leaked user manual indicates that Netflix will get cozy on the GX-SM530CF which also carries local media playback and works with Samsung s AllCast app for mirroring on the big ger screen. Of course, this means that consumers will have another option for binge watching alongside compatible TiVo wares in the near future while the aforementioned sides work out a deal for more widespread implementation.

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