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Truck drivers will get a better deal

By: staff

Date: Friday, 07. July 2006

The worst driver shortage in 28 years, is plaguing trucking companies throughout North America.

We advertised for a week for a driver in Calgary and had three replies, none of them acceptable to us--two of the guys were over 60 and one who s had seven jobs in five years, says Steve Islaub, vice-president of Vedder Transport of Abbotsford, B.C., a 100-driver company that specializes in hauling edible liquids.

The shortage has been brewing on the back burner for quite a while, but now it seems to be critical. Some transportation observers are putting the blame squarely on the downloading of cost-cutting on to the shoulders of the driver. In the recent economic downturn the shipping community tended to take savings out of the trucker, observed Stan Dunford, CEO of Contrans, a truckload transportation services company with operations throughout Canada and the U.S.

Dunford anticipates that the shipping community will have to factor some serious increases into their pricing in order to hold drivers. His company is also stepping up incentives to reduce the rapid churn rate of drivers, which, in some cases exceeds 100 per year. We ve refurbished driver facilities at terminals, put in showers, improved lounges, provided PO boxes with keys for mail, he told Report-ON-Business TV recently.

Amongst the factors causing drivers shortages:

poor pay scales and deteriorating working conditions have led to high churn rates

retirement of experienced drivers;

tougher safety rules reducing driver hours of service;

young people don t like the lifestyle;

problems recruiting young persons because of insurance rates

Over the past decade or so, truck driving has become the job of last resort. The odd hours for long distance driving and the adjustments needed by families makes for a very unattractive career unless the economy is so bad that there s nothing else available. Job-hopping for improved hours and schedules became the rule rather than the exception.

Now, the driver shortage is causing companies to offer better pay and benefits. Drivers can start at 35,000, and eventually make 70,000 to 100,000 a year with overtime. Among the perks being offered are a chance to move to local routes to be home more and 5,000 signing bonuses. One company is offering a pay feature that allows drivers to get a tax benefit by treating part of their pay as reimbursement for meals and expenses.

One controversial solution to the driver shortage is causing concern to safety advocates a pilot plan to allow 19- and 20-year-olds to operate commercial motor vehicles in interstate commerce. This is simply an effort by motor carriers to find a new source of people willing to work cheap and provisions in the proposal that would hold the driver captive to the carrier until he s 21 amounts to no more than indentured servitude, said Jim Johnston, president of the Owner-Operators and Independent Drivers Association.

Another contentious issue is the use of electronic devices to record driver s hours behind the wheel. This would eliminate the log-book juggling that currently enables drivers and shippers to bend hours of service rules. The technologies are being pushed by the U.S. Insurance Institute for Highway Safety but meeting stiff resistance from the trucking industry.

If you re going to have enforcement based on electronic data, it had better be a lot better working than my laptop, says Bill Goose, vice president of engineering for the American Trucking Associations trade group. Right now, we d prefer voluntary use of the devices.

The need work through these issues is becoming urgent now as the economy picks up. By all accounts there s rising demand for trucking services but growth is at a virtual standstill until additional truck drivers are attracted, says one executive.

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darshan singh,

i am darshan singh. i am work in dubai for last 15 yrs. i have heavy license in here. i have totaly 20 yrs experince for driving. so i want to work in CANADA USA. so plz gave up some step in my resume

Nir bahadur basnet,

Dear sir madam

I am 30 year old nepali liveing in israel Education 10 2 and willing and wishing to work in canada. I have 7 year driving experience Bahrain Nepal.I would like to apply driving job i have license from Bahrain Nepali Type of category A,B,F,G Truck,Bus,Lorry,Car,Jeep Delevery van.License of Bahrain less then

16 pasng.i had operated those Equipment.LV-TT-CREW BUS-TTR ASU-GPU ACU in Bahrain airport services. I wish to come to your country for work so it is a good chance for me to come there if you allow. Please contact me on Gmail nbasnet18


Hope to reply me positive thanku.kindly

Nir bahadur basnet

iam nir bahadur basnet from israel. i am nepali i have license from baharain nepalese Type of category.Truck,Bus,Lorry,car,jeep delevery van.license of Baharain less then 16 pasng.i had operated those equipment.LV-TT-CREW BUS-TTR ASU-GPU ACU in Bahrain airport services. i would like to apply driving job thanku.kindly your nir.

I hope i will get your sweet answer

plz tuch me 00972542844163 or nbasnet149,nbasnet18

i am nir bahadur basnet from israel. i am nepali i have license from baharain nepalese Type of category.Truck,Bus,Lorry,car,jeep delevery van.license of Baharain less then 16 pasng.i had operated those equipment.LV-TT-CREW BUS-TTR ASU-GPU ACU in Bahrain airport services. i would like to apply driving job thanku.kindly your nir.


i want 2 b a proffessional driver

juvie talon dafun,

I am relevant to apply as trailer driver,I am literate familiar of handling/trucking container cargo,side curtain cargo,thermoking,tanker tarpaulin based cargo. My mobile no. 639274973284. I am 38 yrs.old

mahadeo persaud,

i am a 29 yera old long haul driver having 9 years experience as a truck driver include dump truck my contact number 5926832640

haroon malik,


i am 34 years old long haul driver in uae.i have 4 years experience of trucking.i have to do work in multiple is my contact no.00971552725014 pls call..

Sarah M Maroveke,

I am a 37 year old lady looking for a truck driving job within South Africa. My phone number is 27785356778 and my email address is


This is just a mere reflection of the economy; trucking companies go down, which means companies aren t transporting as much materials, which means they aren t buying, which means companies aren t selling.


In response to your add about truck drivers shortages, if trucking company s where willing to share the profit and pay decent wages, after all who wants to live in a truck and be robbed while doing it, until company s can get a truck to drive it self down the highway, there will always be a shortage, most companies out there are parasites

candido reyes jr,

hi,i wish to aply trailer, truck driver in canada,im 32 yrs old currently work here in doha qatar as dumptruck driver,i work also at saudi arabia as trailer driver for 26 months,i also trailer driver in philippines. i am willing to asign any in part or in any province in canada willing to work fulltime or even longhaul driving with any shift.i hope some of employer in canada can call my no. 97470301633.thnks and godbless u all.


HI. I m from poland and I live in Ireland for 8 years. I have 15 years of experience in Truck Driving, and I am looking for work in Canada. Contact detalis: e-mail: pre-skop mobile number 353863920017

Gurinder Singh,

Hi, i m Gurinder i am 27 year old, i have also heavy driving license, i am in india, my family is in Canada, we have over own house in Canada, i need driver jod in Canada if any one can help me plz call me on my no


Email : singhjandu

marius costel,

Roman established in Spain for 11 years I m looking for work in the field transport driver with experience please help me i have 37 years, and an experience of 17 years

I m a class 1 driver and what I have seen in the past few years I can t blame people for not wanting to drive truck, company s are robbing drivers blind, long hrs with no pay, 40 to 50 cents a mile, some company s are a little better but not by much, putting up with ignorant dispatchers, truck managers. If all drivers where to stand together and stop working for parasites maybe things could change

Kulwinder Singh grew,

I am Kulwinder singh.Professionaly I am driver and I have also heavy driving license and has good work experience in Dubai for four year but at a movement I am free and looking for good driver job in Canada.My email sukhdeepkauurg

michael bouch,

in the uk w euse the digital tachograph bnsystem which works well


Hi, I M an English guy, married with two children aged 4 and 13 and a lovely wife, wondering what is the chance of me getting a job truck driving in the U.S.A for an American company, i have over 10 years experience of flatbed, lowloader,hiab,tipper,curtain sider to mention a few.

Thanks any info would be helpful


Hi i am a 37 live in RSA i got ten years exp. in truck driving. I am looking for a job in Canada or USA can somone please help me.


Until the fleet owners and government stop pandering to every citizen that says the trucking community are nothing but a bunch of dangerous man killers, nothing will ever happen to lessen the churn rate. Truckers talk, that is a fact. Another fact is that alot of the old hands have a hand in discouraging new people entering the industry because it has become nothing more than a farce. To top it off, the drivers in this industry are just plain sick and tired of having the crap roll down hill right ontop of them. The rules and regs that a driver has to follow now, not to mention the low pay for the long hours of service we have to put in just to service the public is getting quite sickening. I m a driver of 25 years and I left the industry that I used to love because everybody wants a piece of the pie and wants to leave the driver holding the bag. The whole damned industry has turned into one huge joke..


I am truck driver from Ukraine with 7 years experience. I looking for jobs with company seeking drivers


hi my name is rupa from india i have completed my 10th, 1st puc i couldn t continue my 2nd puc since i have lots of prob finacial problems my mom does house work i have sister

who has done her degree my father is no more in this world only we 3 i want to go

for abroad to work and to do my sisters marriage my sister is 22 years olad and iam 20 years old girl please some one show mercy on me and take me to abroad plese thank you my no will be 9844263716


I m of 22 years old.well known english and having acedemic education.I like to get job of truck driver in canada.i hv five years experience of truck driving with indian company

ashok kumar,

I am Ashok Kumar from Nepal right now I am working in middle east country Kuwait since-2004.

I read about the requirement of Long haul truck driver for Canada truck industry. I have more than ten years of experience as a long Haul trailer truck driver with US army in middle east. My first job as a Haul trailer truck driver was at Agility Logistics Company-Kuwait, where I used to long haul transport for goods and materials from the warehouse to the US army s Hubs in Kuwait and Iraq. I worked there for seven years and later on joined KGL transport company-Kuwait as a long haul trailer driver. I can easily drive continuously for days in a row without frequent breaks. Now I am looking job in Canada truck industry.

Safety is something that is paramount to me it is something that I take very seriously. I am a hard, reliable worker who is very passionate about obtaining employment within the transport sector. Now I am looking same job in Canada or Australia If you feel that you can help in any way, I would really appreciate it.

Awaiting a positive response.



I d like to get into driving truck - just need to get my 5th wheel endorsement added to my CDL. But I hate all the restrictions that the governnment imposes on truck drivers. I really beleiive thaht a lot of the restrictions came about due to Unions whose drivers didn t like seeing hard working drivers run circles around them, so made safety as a way to get uninformed officials to pass so many laws, that driving truck no longer was fun. Used to be an adventure - grew up with trucks and it is in my blood. When I see truckers, I still admire them. Anytime I break down along the road, I know who I can count on. If I lose my job, I know where I can turn to get a job. But government needs to back off some. Truckers almost always are the safest on the road because their livelihood sp depends on it.


hi I m Ademilson articulated truck driver with 15 years experience here in Brazil, a lot of experience with heavy loads like steel coils and used to driving long distances in the mountains we thus have a strong desire to work as a driver in canada I speak good English and I can prove my experience through the documents, if you guys are interested in hiring foreigners here I leave my phone and email. 55-33-3278.3932 --- email: ademilson781 . thank you.

Farid khan,

I have envoerment truck driver 6 year expereanes.

Kelvin mwenda,

Hi kevin from zambia looking for any driving job in canada. looking for sponsorship for visai ve 10yrs experience in driving 15ton trucks in long distance delivery,can also drive mini bus, car van, artic rigid bus etc am a hard worker with full of energy and am able to work for long periods of time independently and under pressure. My mobile number is 260965888500 email is pandozam

muhammad abbas,

hi sir i m from pakistan and iwnat job of tralir. is it possible to get job n ur company


Im a 25 year old Zimbabwean truck driver working and living in southafrica and im looking for employement in canada im 4years expirienced in superlink flat bed, tot liner and fridge and im looking for employment via employers or agents please contact me on my email:wisdommpandar or cell: 27710399821

Yours Wisdom Mpandari

Angrej Singh Bhandal,

Hello I m angrej singh.but u can say me desi angrej. I m UAE United Arab Emirates heavy duty driving valid license up to 2016. I can drive all kinds longest trucks trailer I worked with many companies in UAE I m a well educated young person. I also passed ielts. i can speak English very well. I have 3 year experience in gulf, but now I want do job in any EUORPEAN COUNTRY AND AMERICAN COUNTRY. ONLY. IF ANY PERSON WANT GOOD LONGEST HULE TRAILER DRIVER IN THESE COUNTRIES ONLY PLEASE CALL ME. I can drive all kinds Volvo Mercedes benz Man Ivcco. MY email id..desiangrejbhandalz

Thomas Keegan,

Please pass on to any employer.

i am 52 year old truck driver with 23 years heavy goods driving experience. previously i have had my own transport distribution company however over the last nine years i have been driving as a independent haulage contractor for CRH Cement Roadstone Ltd delivering concrete blocks to the building industry. category of license B/C/C1/C/D/D1/E I also hold safe pass license fork lift license for reach truck and counter balance trucks and a hiab ticket i have had a lot of experience in warehousing and route planning and not afraid to take a hands on approach to work i am presently working driving school bus part time but i am looking to secure permanent employment.Irl087/6547509 Thanks.

Rob Hartley,

hello sir, my names rob, class 1 hgv driver in the uk.

12 years experience, curtain siders, low loaders, rear steers, multi drop, fridge work, nights out, work days - nights- weekends, do 15 hours a day if the money is right.

Don t mind nights out

I am 38 years young, no points on my licence, no convictions.

My email is halcyonltd

and my e-mail is Attawullah.shah

attaullah khan,

hi sir.sir i am heavy driver in oman now driving in american company..sir i want driving in canada and i have all kind of experience about all kind of trialors.and i am 25 years old.

Thomas Johnson,


My name is Thomas and i live in england i would like to emmigrate to america or canada.

I am a class 1 truck trailer driver with 17 years experience in recovery trucks,tipping trailers,flat backs,drop frame and i have also got my forklift truck licence.

I visit america atleast once a year for either hollidays or auto shows.I have experience with american cars,pick ups and trucks as i own several at the moment.

I look forward to your replys you can contact me at tomjohnson18

Thank you


I am going to be 44 and I am just getting my cdl A, can i get a job with a clean license

Diljit singh,

Dear Sir/Mem My self Diljit singh am Heavy trailr,Truck driver now am working as a trailer driver in Doha Qtar. Befor i has Trailer driver job in Dubai U.A.E in Al Naboodah civil eng. And secon in Al Mawakeb land transport of heay tucks. I was goes to Saudi arebia, Doha Qtar,Kuwait by Road with my Trailer in Transport work. I have good transit and long drive expieriense. but now am still in Qtar but i want Driver job in Dubai again. I want priorty free zone visa second any other because my no entry stem for dubai will finish at 17 feberiry. If u have any job so please giv me chanse, My Qtar cell no. 00974 33226716 e-mail.. diljit_singh23


If You are from India and You desire to work any European country please submit your complete CV to info

mel tamayo,

hi im a filipino trailer driver, i can drive european and american trucks, i have 3 yrs driving experience in middle east pepsico, you may contact me here is my e-mail address jetlogjetlog, God Bless..


They say truck driving is the last resort but let me tell you if it was not for the truck driver everything comes to a stand still and it may not be the standerd you are use to but it takes a special sort of person to be a truck driver and not everybody makes the grade

Angrej Singh,

Phil Rickards,


I am a British HGV 1 C E Driver tractor/trailer CDL, with over 13 years on road experience with all kinds of loads.I am serious about moving to the USA permanently with my family.I played American Football for 11 years in the UK at DE and LT, and love America.I am looking for a company to sponsor me and get my CDL.I am a true professional driver and you will gain a good hardworker.I would prefer the East Coast especially VA, DC,WV,MD but am flexible.Please get in touch, you won t regret it.


im looking for a job,drivers job


thats a lot of money.

Ibiloye oluwafemi,

My namw is Ibiloye Oluwafemi,im a Nigerian and im a professioner truck driver.i desire to live and work in USA or Canada preciselly


If you are a foreign worker looking for a truck driver position in Canada please contact job.transport

mohamamd siddique,

respectable sir

i work in bahrain workshop for 14 years.i aslo have bahrain heavy driving i want to work in no is 03355353262


30 yrs and ready to give up. low pay more crap with cvsa and not enough places to park when tried. trucking in the USA was great now it sucks. Alway being stop buy police and writen up for something.21 points for inproper seatbelt useage

30 yrs and ready to give up. low pay more crap with cvsa and not enough places to park when tried.

mary david,

From: Mrs. Mary David

This mail may be a surprise to you because you did not give me the permission to do so and neither do you know me but before I tell you about myself I want you to please forgive me for sending this mail without your permission. I am writing this letter in confidence believing that if it is the will of God for you to help me and my family, God almighty will bless and reward you abundantly. I need an honest and trust worthy person like you to entrust this huge transfer project unto.

My name is Mrs. Mary David, The Branch Manager of a Financial Institution. I am a Ghanaian married with 3 kids. I am writing to solicit your assistance in the transfer of US 7,500,000.00 Dollars. This fund is the excess of what my branch in which I am the manager made as profit last year i.e. 2010 financial year. I have already submitted an annual report for that year to my head office in Accra-Ghana as I have watched with keen interest as they will never know of this excess. I have since, placed this amount of US 7,500,000.00 Dollars on an Escrow Coded account without a beneficiary Anonymous to avoid trace.

As an officer of the bank, I cannot be directly connected to this money thus I am impelled to request for your assistance to receive this money into your bank account on my behalf. I agree that 40 of this money will be for you as a foreign partner, in respect to the provision of a foreign account, and 60 would be for me. I do need to stress that there are practically no risk involved in this. It s going to be a bank-to-bank transfer. All I need from you is to stand as the original depositor of this fund so that the fund can be transferred to your account.

If you accept this offer, I will appreciate your timely response to me. This is why and only reason why I contacted you, I am willing to go into partnership investment with you owing to your wealth of experience, So please if you are interested to assist on this venture kindly contact me back for a brief discussion on how to proceed.

All correspondence must be via my private E-mail dmary4love1 for obvious security reasons.

Best regards,

Mrs. Mary David.

james hall,

hi im a uk class 1 driver aged41 married with 2 dependents and vast amount of experiance in tankers/flat bed abnormal load movements. im looking for a sponsorship in the usa especially florida area if any firm out there wants a good consiensues hard worker for a decent weeks pay conditions. email me at jameshall_1

muhammad mansoor,

my name is muhammad mansoor, i m working in saudi arabia as heave duty trailer driver from last 11 year. i have lot of experience in flate bed. i wants to work in canada. my mailing adress is genius_513


i am looking haevy Driver job i need kuwait

Email. mohamedmujahidr1

Jason Hanmore,

I am a uk class 1 tractor and trailor

driver wishing to emmigrate to Canada or the US to do long haul trucking with my truck driving fiancee.

if any operators are looking for a 14 year experienced class 1 driver and are willing to ship us over and start us out on the road then please email me.



ramkumar bhandari,

iam vevy vehacle driver 1.nepal 7 years working heavy truck 2.naw iam saudi working heavy telair 7 years work for jcv crean dumptruck dojar rolar my contac no 00966530610897 nepal contac no 009779841607392

my saudi working co name manwa treading l t d tabuk K S A


iam a heavy vechale driver

Anthony stribling,

I have my class 1 and 2 hgv licence and nvq level 2

Hard working reliable good worker

Would love to relocate and drive trucks in canada but would like to know if my wife and 4 children are able to relocate with me and how to go about this

Email me at jostribling

Thanks look forward to hearing from you soon



Hi, am a heavy equipment machine

operator, e.g. JCB, EXCAVATOR, LOADER AND ROLLER working for Reynold Construction Company, which is one of

Nigeria most

have 6 years experience in operating heavy equipment machine. Am

willing to relocate to any part of european country

anytime. Looking foward to

contact me on 2348166917796 or

e-mail me at. adisaopeyemi Thanks for your response


hi i am a hgv class 1 driver in britain with 15 years exsperiance driving trucks,and thinking of moving to america could you pls tell me the best way of doing this

king regards dave


Manpreet singh,

Hi, am 25years old. I have 6years driveing expirace. One year drive lorry in malaysia. I have 4 year old licenc. I want to singapore for driveing. Plz help me. Email. Dhillonmanpreet58 my contect no is. 91 9878090952

ishtiaq ahmed,

Good day,

I am living in Dubai United Arab Emirates. I am holding all driving licese category except motor bike. I am looking for heavy duty driver vacancy specially in Canada.I also worked as Driving Instructor. If there is any opening in this category kindly contact on below.

ahmedgtn 00971505252339



I am a proud Fijian residing in the UK as I was with the British Army for 9 years.

I hold A FULL UK LICENCE AND have experience in driving during all my long services in the Army.

I will appreciate if given a chance to work in your great company.

Please be advised that i also hold a US 10years multiple Visas will be very happy if you reply to me ASAP as I am looking forward in joining this dynamic company and become your driver.

I do guarantee to you that you will never regret recruiting me to be part of your team and I am looking forward to your favourable reply.

Thanking you in advance.

You can contact me on Cell No: 00491748800381

Or by Email address: steveaustin116

om parkash,

i m trailer driver in soudi arbia.

my experience is 21year in this field.

i want to go in kwait.

please offer me on reuirement driver vacancy and one year experience of jcb operator

my contact no:-09034641226, 09992857756

Hello eveyone out there..i am 27 years old i have

My class 1 and class 2 lorry licence and i have

Took part in the last 3 years of winter gritting

As i work with my local council eith the roads

Departmentmyself and my partner are looking

To leave scotland and move abroad..i really dont

No what the going rate is over there or anything

To tell you the truth..any help would be great

My email is pearlexport963



In California the NON American Drivers have ruined the rates,They will work for what ever they are told,These are Indians from India and Mexicans here on Visas,They should not be allowed on any Federal,State,County or City jobs. They should be for AMERICANS ONLY


hello sir, i have u a e 5years explicence.i need k g l com visa. Now i m in email:rana_bath79 telno:00919803739776


Diah is my name and i am 32yrs. . i have been in a trucking driving. . i am looking for a truck driving job nation wideespeciallyAmerica, Canada,Dubai,Kuwait and the Europe.this are my contacts. dmhallid 233-245834482

Mehluli Moyo,

Hi,am a heavy duty truck driver working for Manline Transport,which is one of Southern Africa s most respected Logistics company.I have 5 years experience in driving 7 axle trucks.Am willing to relocate to Canada anytime.Looking foward to hearing from you.You can contact me on 27780683284 or e-mail me at memoyo

avtar sidhu,

hello. everybody

i am truck/trailer driver from INDIA. i have more than 10 yrs. exp. in driving field also have 3yrs. old licence exp. in UAE. now iam looking for job in CANADA. i am very hard working with clean licence record.if any body think that i am eligible for job can contact me 00919417518632 mail me- singhseoul


I am very fast and hard working man willing to work with any company around the world as a heavy duty driver because the exprience is there for more than 15years,any company who wish to employed me as a driver in his company will never regret,my personnel number is 243361004/244124121 and my email is saawa2010


i am a young man with experience in driving any heavy duty trucks and very hard working,looking to hear from any company in ghana to work with.

Robinson korir,

Hi to you all,am kenyan age 40 with driving exp of over 15 years.I drove in South Sudan for 3 years and currently working for a farmer transporting tea to factory.I will be happy to work in USA Canada or Australia my contact is e mail korirrobinson tel 254752265682

shomorin azeez o.,

looking for a transporting company that need driver

willy janiola,

I am a heavy equipment operator trucks, trailer, transit mixer, forklift, dump trucks, hoist among others, 52 years old, almost twenty years serving in different companies in KSA, Qatar, Taiwan, UAE and Brunei Darussalam. I am open for any available job order that fits my qualification. Kindly reach me to this number. 09177314457 or 083 302-3947. Looking forward for your consideration.



regino aloc,

i am heavy truck driver from the philippines,50 years old,with 20 years of experienced,,my email add if somebody need my quality service,sergpaul_18,,,,,,,thanks

humphery sherman,

good morning my name is humphery sherman am from the bahams am a tractor trailer driver of 14yrs i haul 20ft,40,45ft,48ft containers and flatbeds.last year i attended national truck driving school were i graduated CDL CLASS A course i now want to move to the usa to work and live but i need a sponsor from company.if there is any company out there please contact me at 242-341-1809 or sman441

malik usman,

sir i;am the all vichl driwer please cal me my cel no 0923447716143


I am a Ex.Militry man Indian I have experience of 15 yeary in the same field in indian militry service.I would like to get a job in afganistan.My ID. kaivalyamj


sir, please help me to get a job iam a indian state kerala


Email: krakeshrks


To work for the enhancement of the organization to obtain a greater position in the society


To prove everything is possible in this world


1 Can overtake heavy workload.

2 Can withstand in unstable condition

3 Can convince any type of personalities.

4 Highly confident.

1 S S L C

Professionel Qualification:

2 Auto Mobile Engineering diploma A.I.M.I


3 Auto cad mechanical, Pro-E, Photoshop

Work Experience:

1 3 years experience in Auto mobile field. mechanic,store supravicor,site supravicor,spray painter

2 worked with M/s Jyothi Structure Pvt.Limited, Nazik, Bombay

3 worked with M/s Pioneer Auto Engineering Kannur, Kerala as an apprentice trainee

4 Develop new modules to enhance service standards

5 Handling a walk in and corporate clients of the organization

General profile:

Father s Name : RAVEENDRAN K P

Nationality : INDIAN

Languages Known : Malayalam, English, Hindi

Passport Details:

I hereby declare that all the above furnished details are true to my knowledge.

Date: 06.07.2010


hi My self DILJIT SINGH, am from Punjab India now am working in Dubai in Al Mawakeb Taransport as Havy Trailer Driver, i goes to Saudi Arebia, Doha qTar, Kuwait by ROAD wITH MY Compony work, With my Trailer. Befor i has Havy Duty Driver job in anothor compony Al Naboodha civil eng. LLc Dubai i have Driving expierience of VoLvo FH 12, 380, 420 SACANIA 380, 420 MAN. I Have Transit and Long Duty Driving expierience from one country to othor cauntry. My English is well. Am redy for any type interwiew by Drive and by communication. Now i want Driver job in canada so dear sir/mem if u have any Ricriutment so please give me chanse. I will very thankfull to u. My contect - 0097150 9262315 Dubai 00966 590788760 saudi arebia 00974 33226716 Doha qtar e-mail diljit_singh23


Iam from in India 25 yera old now i am working personl driver in soudi arabia.

now i like to working anb live in canda or australia. pleas infrom id faz.veruthy

Adedeji Abiola,

Iam a nigerian from south west yoruba ready to work with any haulage or logistic company if invited my email adress is adedeji abiola15 and phone is 2348033408191

Quinton Brink,

I am from South African and have 20 years experience in driving coaches and 22meter combinations. I have always wanted to drive in the USA and Canada. I am 43 years old, willing and able to work anywhere. E-mail me at quintaniecc

Engelbert A. Bunagan,

Hi,i am a filipino, a professional driver currently connected with United Nations World Food Programme, I ve been a trailer, bus driver and been a chauffeur for a rent-a-car co., i have an extensive experience and been on my chosen field for 21 years.. I am willing to negotiate and be hired by companies of the same field. also finished basic and advance culinary arts and a NC-II certificate holder for butchery. Pls contact me eabunagan_71 or engelbert.bunagan

Grant Williamson,

i am a truck driver from south africa. i want to start a career in the usa. can anybody help me please. i have a great passion for truck driving. please my e-mail adress: ginwil77

thank you for your time

limuel c.sabalvaro,

hi,im 58 yrs old a filipino got an experience driving a trailer flat baed in saudi arabia for over 6 yrs transporting steelbars and hauling transporting of cement from dubai to kuwait,in 1982 to 1984 i was hired and work in ongola as 1 of a ten member of trailer drivers,crossing african terrain drivibg a 90 tonner mack truck transporting heavy equipments from luanda to diff.provinces,also work in marcopper mining phils,semirara coal corp,and consolidated mines incorp.knowledge operates payloader and backhoe.i am very thankful if somebody look and have an interest,thank you.

seidu mohammed,

Goodday sir,i am truk driver 28yrs from ghana4yrs experience in ghana an 3yrs in nigeria. prs sir am seeking ajob in ur compeny iat south africa, becouse am here in petoria.i will happy u give the job.yourhopeful seidu mohammed,my email seidumohammed99


email me vbong49 my no. 09323872413

jacob villanueva,

Hi im a trailer driver 28y from philippines 5 years port trailer driver 1 year chevron lorry trailer driver 2 years shell lorry trailer driver 3 years fed ex trailer driver im seeking a job in the uk. canada. thank you hopefully jacob,,, vbong49 jacob..


I am a truck driver 24y from Macedonia with very low expirience.I have drived a little in Sweden,Danmark and Norwey and i like to work in America like a truck driver, but i don t know exactly how to get working visa.I asked in American Ambasy in my country they said that i need to find some company in USA that need workers like me to get these visa.

I like these job because:

1.It is good paid.While i was driving in scandinavia my salary was 1200 euro for mounth

2.It is the best way to wisit other countries becayse every day you are in diferent place.

3.The truck is house on wheels where you do not pay rent or monthly bills

That is how I see


good day am my name is humphery sherman am from the bahamas am a trator trailer driver of 15yrs i haul 20ft,40ft,45ft,and48ft,containers and flatbeds.i ateneded national truck driving school last year were i graduated CDL course i want to move to the usa to work and live but am trying to find a trucking company to sponsor me a work visa if there is any out there who can help me email or call me at sman441 or 242-341-1809


I am heavy duty truck driver working in UAE last 6 years as a driver. I am well knowledge of flat bed traliors and box traliors and also good known as volvo trucks and others. I want to work in CANADA so reply me if anyone interested Email me gurlal_2000


An idiom becomes an idiom only because it is true and appropriate. This one is for all large impersonal trucking companies. What goes around comes around. Enjoy.



GOOD DAY, I am shibin, presently working as a heavy duty driver in air port UAE am looking for a job in canada.thank u hopefully


E mail bmshibin

jarrod dowell,

hi im 23 from australia i have been around trucks all mylife my dad is a truck driver so i have driving them since i 10 years old and i would love to drive them over seas jarroddowwell

Shell Petroleum,

Shell Petroleum Company Nigeria is currently looking for experience and qualified truck driver and heavy equipment drivers for immediate employment. Interested candidate should send their most recent CV to the below email:


i need a jop as a driver in any conutry i m in Egypt

have a License to drive all cars

Rajesh Shetty,

1. 23 years experience as heavy truck driver, Heavy trailer driver

2. 3 years in Saudi Arabia

3. 4 years in Iraq

4. 13 years in India


Please e-mail us back at shettyrajesh22

good day am from the bahamas and i have been driving tractor trailer for 15yrs i pull 20ft 40ft 45ft 48ft van reffers flatbeds am 35yrs of age am a good and safe work.last year i went to national truck driving school were i graduated CDL course i want to move to the usa to work and live but am trying to find a good trucking company to sponsor me a work visa if you can help me please feel free to call me at 2423411809/2424338386 or email me at sman441 thank you very much.

Neilfred d. Saldana,

hi, im a transport driver here in phillipines for 10 years, i would like to apply as family driver. im 32 years old,im computer literate

cel. 09272825017


Hello, sir

we are a trading conpany from China, we also export SINOTRUK HOWO truck. please contact with me freely. If there is any help. My mail box :ancf


Hi all. I wish you to find driver job in Canada for all of you and me too.Dimitar taman

eyremil de castro,

hi to all employer need a truck driver in canada,im experince driver of heavy trucks,like trailer,dumptruct,low bed trailer,and i know how to load of some heavy equipment,to the low bed trucks.for transfer to another site,now up to present,im work here in dubai,united, arab, a public bus of road transport willing to train about driving in your country canada,if employer need,to expand my knowledge for my skills,and i give agood future for my three kids, 971-050-527-8506,in phillipines 63-927-7363660,email:eyremildecastro thank you very much,,

Kudakwashe Chakanyuk,

Hie I am a 24 year old Zimabwean Looking For work as a truck driver in Canada.I have six years experiance of four years in Zimbabwe and two in Afghanistan.

my email address is kaydkuda


I am looking to relocate myself and my family to Canada and I have the following to offer the right employer in the Long Haul Industry. I am a UK/European Long Haul driver. I have a UK Class 1 Licence and ADR carriage of dangerous goods Licence Packs and Tanks, covering catagories 2, 3, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 5.1, 5.2, 6.1, 6.2 8 9. I also have 12 years British Military Service along with Managerial Experience. I am Well organised, possessing a high level of self-discipline and loyalty, UK health and safety certified, first aid at work certified Lapsed, Stores and Warehousing NVQ Level 2 certified, Driving Heavy Goods Vehicle NVQ Level 2 certified, Computer literate to a high standard. Please feel free to contact Ian Calcroft at the following email address: barberian

I look forward to hearing from you.

manjeet singh,

i am manjeet singh.i have a heavy experience of driving is 10 years.i am a driver of himachal pradesh in india.

my age-30 years

i need a sponsor from a company.i am a qualified driver.



my email philtvc65

give uk drivers an easy to apply for visa,this shortage is worldwide and we are good pro drivers. .

Hire British drivers that want to live and work in the USA like me.


My name: Narongrit Thanatrungrueang

Nationality: Thailand

I m need to apply for work for truck driver in canada with transport company any work local and transit work i m have expirence for driving

-5 year in Thailand

-10 year midel east group. Qatat,Bahrain,Saudi arabia,Kuwait,Oman And untill now working driving in dubai

transit work. Please submit my expirence can call:

uae 971508674933




0558307099 TELEPHONE




Emil xlance_xlance2000

jimmy mavuso,

please inform me how to go about working abroad as a driver I have a code 10 PDP. my email address is jimmy and of the age of 43

24years driving experience accident free

thanking you most sincerly


George Marr,

Hi. I m a UK long haul driver with many years OTR exp. Have travelled al E/W Europe, Russia, M.East and some N. African countries. Due to our economy here I d like to work in Canada and I believe with my experience I could be an attribute to a Canadian haulier. Plenty exp.on refriferated trailers and flatbeds pulling all sorts of general cargoes. I d like to hear your comments and hopefully we could chat in more depth.

Wishing you all the best for 2011.

With Regards,

George Marr.


Hi there. I m from South africa and is looking for a job in New zealand. I m a qualified truck driver aged 25yrs. I ve performed in driving competitions in S.A as wel at Austria. Please could some one guide me into applying for a job at New Zealand. My email address is : vishnu.lee1

Hi there. I m a qualified Truck driver from South Africa. I ve taken part in competitions in south africa as well at Austria. I m seeking a job in the UK. How do i go about it.


sutch a driver shortage and i cant find a sponser for a work visa why is that i have 25years of driving behind me w.conradie

daniel saldivar,

hello to everybody if someone know a company how sponsor visas for canada or the u.s.a please let me know i have a cdl class a to drive on the u.s.a, i have 7 years expirence driving on highways i worked in 3 different companies with visa in the u.s.a and now im searching for a new one. if someone know a company please let me know i live in el paso tx. right now and i can start a soon as possible i have plenty of expirence with the law and regulations. thanks i will apreciated any comment or tip my phone numer is in the u.s.a 1-915-504 3351 and my email address is danyboy74 thaks and god bless you

Hi ia am a 45 year old married male looking to drive as a proffesional truck driver in America, I have 25 years trucking expericance and have had a life long dream to work in America. I am in the process of applying for my working Visa and would like to know if you can be of assistance or can refer me to someone that can assist me. I have been with my current company for 16 years and do 24000km per month as a solo driver on a dedicated route. I live work in South Africa.

How where can i get my visa forms and help in completing them.

Temporary Worker - No I-797

To obtain a visa permitting a traveler to be employed while in the U.S.:

A U.S. employer must file a petition I-129 in the U.S. to authorize employment for the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service USCIS.

If the petition is approved, the USCIS will forward the Notice of Action/Approval Form I-797 to the employer.

The employer will then forward the Form I-797 to you.

Without an approved petition Form I-797 a visa cannot be processed.

A Conradie

my e mail adress are w.conradie

I am driving for 25y now and want to work in the us as a truck driver who are willing to help me by sponsering me a work visa


i cant fond a sponser for my work visa as a truck driver in the usa



MY CELL NO:00491748800381 OR EMAIL ON;



I have 10 yrs in the Transport and Logistics Industry in Admin and despatch. Experience working in New Zealand and Australia. Looking for a Transport company to sponser me for supervisor of management job in the Nashville TN area. Please email me for resume fordrach.w


you can contact me through my e-mail address kirkorozco

kirk orozco,

i m a 47 yr.old truck driver, with 30 years experience in truck driving here in the Philippines.

i know how hard it is for truck drivers to earn a living, i m one of them, working long hours and having short rest, and so one must be tough enough to accomplish the job at hand.


I am a South African HGV truck driver with - 10 years OTR accident free experience.I would like to immigrate to the USA/but it is just to expensive.I would like to get a driving job in the USA or Canada.Their is such a shortage in the usa and in canada,can t a company in the USA or Canada launch a program to recruite good South African driver.. Contact me on christo


I am a 40 year old with 20 years driving experience of various vehicles including 3 yrs experience in Port of Singapore Authority, Singapore. I also worked as a Trailer Truck Driver in Singapore with experience in Heavy Duty Equipment Operation. I hold an International Licence. I am interested to work as ice load truck driver in Canada. I request u to let me know the procedure for the same. My email id is raghuhi

Ph: 919866475225



I have 3 years driving experions in the USA as CDL Class A driver, and want to apply for iceroad trucking job.Can anyone tell me where to start or where to apply.


Drivers staff,

Hi Stephen, we have recently-researched articles on truck driving jobs in the US and Canada at and you should also try our driving jobs site on - you can signup for the free newsletter for updates

stephen bolger,

i am anirish driver with all licences, but i am unable to get into the states to drive rigs, i have been trying for 3 years, so much for shortage of drivers


I m a heavy duty driver

1.QATAR.2 year

2.FROM.last.2 year doing job soudi. I m searching 4 another job. I would like 2 do job in canada or u.s.a. if there is any emploier who hav have a heavy duty trailor driver vacancy. plz.contect me on this number.


i m in india now nd my soudi contect num is




I want to drive mini trucks in Canada but I m in the Philippines, what can you advise.

bahader singh,


i m a heavy duty driver in dubai from last 3 yeras doing job in satluj gen land transport. i m searching 4 another job. i would like 2 do job in canada or u.s.a. if there is any emploier who have a heavy duty truck driver vacancy.plz contect me on this num 00919915852372. i m in india now nd my dubai contect num is 00971552587706


I am trying to get ANY driving job i can

Hello my name is Jeff. I am an experienced Class One driver. Most of my experience it with B trains. I have also done some work with step decks, and am currently just doing temp work for a guy with a Dump truck, and am on E.I due to a group layoff. I am experienced in tarping as most loads i dealt with where tarped ones. I also have knowledge of general maintenance.

Main runs I use to do where B.C and Alberta. I do not have a perfect abstract. There are a few speeding tickets, 2 undo cares both explainable,if given the opportunity. Also a 24 hour 2 years ago due to possession of marijuana in my truck. Yes i know it sounds bad. was one joint It was a bad time in my life. Something i am now past, and have removed my self from the negative things in my life. I am willing to pay for my own drug tests if need be. I just would like the opportunity to prove my self again and get back into driving. If anyone reading this is willing please reply and i will have an N print faxed over,as i am more then interested. Just want to get back to work. 6 months on ei with no one looking at me because of past mistakes is driving me nuts.I currently reside in Kamloops British Columbia


gary bumgarner,

got hurt about year and a half ago i will be well this year good driving record hazmat endorsement great job history been driving for fifteen years do recruiters think i can get back into trucking again also just turned fifty in great health


There is a shortage of drivers Why not get in contact with someone in South Africa and get decent drivers here. I will even help you to get them My landline 0117625178 Call and we can arrange it if you are in the s t

Juvinal Dantes,

there are so many professional drivers around the world like me.the main problem is..the sponsorship of employer.

We have an article on this subject at

miguel angel,

Hi friends.. Iam 40 years old. with 16 years experience as a truck driver. living in tijuana bc mexico.with experience in usa highways.I would like to work in canada. if someone knows about companies hiring foreign truck drivers. please let my now at.


thank you

drivers staff,

Stephen - you will find international truck driving jobs on - this website is recently launched and jobs updated daily so check back often and you should find something.


Ilive in spain with truck driving lincence B,CI,C,BE,CI,CE,BTP,ADR,TACHO DIGITAL CARD,if somebody can help me get a job as truck driver,route local and international i can be off from home within 2 weeks it does nt matter, but withing europen contries,i would be very happy if somebody can assist me in getting a job thanks.

We will be focusing on job-related articles over the coming weeks and will look at the options for truck drivers to gain experience so watch this space


To Drivers Staff : maybe you can help me out with some more information. I live in Canada, Alberta, recently got my class 1

drivers license, I have 4 months experience driving class 3 trucks, my job just finished - was a temporary one seeding season, looking for truck driving job tractor trailer, but nobody is hiring unless I have 2 years experience, lately I tried any field just to be truck driving ex. oil field, but no luck, need more advice if you have thanks

thanks for the information, I will log in to right now

Hi Goo - we have 2 recent posts on this topic if you want to check out our homepage. We will be launching a job section on shortly so sign up for our newsletter and you will get details when it goes live

I like this posts, they are very up to date, 4 years old.

How to get experience driving tractor trailers, nobody is hiring without at least 2 years experience.

Kwazinkosi Hadebe,

We always here news that there is a huge shortage of long haul drivers in Canada. We as more than capable South Africans with vast know how on trucking, would love to be given a genuine opportunity to be brought to Canada and help with long haul driving for only a few years and return back to South Africa afterwards. We are more than willing to go for any medical examinations. We do not mind hard work, long hours on the road and cross border. Kindly e-mail me any helpful info on: anti419scam

For information on Truck driving jobs in Canada -

Anton Jacobs,

Hi there. If there is such a shortage of drivers in the USA, why can t we find one company willing hire South-African drivers. I am 35 years old and have been driving 36 ton super link rigs for 12 years. If anybody knows of a company that can help me, please contact me. antonjcbs


I am professional heavy duty driver working with us army in Kuwait since-2004 holding class-A license of Kuwait right now I am looking same job in Australia or Canada.

But I am not getting the ways how I can apply for above country.

If anybody have suggestion PLS write.

My Email ID is ashokhamal

harprit singh,

dear sir, i am looking job for trailor driver job ihave licence saudi and qatar, if u have any requierment for this job please let me know, contect 00966552943840 email.. harpritsingh43 with thanksfully

Shetland oil Fields,


This is from ShetlandoilFields prospect LTD UK with the mandate to recruit expatriate employees willing to relocate abroad for the fulfillment of Logistic contracts at Northsea Oil explorations sites United Kingdom. We need experienced Logistic mangers, Crane operators and Truck Driver in Long distance trucking for gasoline hauling operations in the Northsea across the British Isle regions. Project plan is 2010-2015.

a Transportation/Logistic managers

c Crane operators d e Ware House workers

f Auto Mechanics

ShetlandoilFields Services include the hire and sale of off/Onshore transportation containers, chemical tanks, chemical storage, handling facilities and haulage services to the global energy industry.

ShetlandoilFields Services UK Requirements

Current CDL with Tanker, Doubles, Hazardous endorsements

Willing to work night and day shifts

Ability to work on your own and be a self-learner

Ability to learn crude oil gauging procedures

Drug and alcohol testing is mandatory

Safety is a number one priority

Minimum age is 21 years old


All safety and personal protection equipment is supplied by ShetlandoilFields trucking Services UK and complete health, eye, and dental insurance are available.

Your response to this job offer should come along with attached resume/CV at earliest via email: offshore-shetlandoil

Yours in service.

United Kingdom


Iam a young man aged 34 looking for employment in your organisation.I am a class one driver With 13 yers experiance.for more details needed you can contact me on the above address

thank you in advance

Iam a young man aged 34 looking for a job as a truck driver


You people complain about selaries you don,t no nothing yet driver is 30 days on the road, no food money does not see his family in africa driving 40 t0 48 hours cont. Driver gets payed R2500 a month and no sleeping cab or accom.You guys moan to much. Come spend a month in africa and i am shure you will not last a week thats putting it mildly.Talk about australia outback, believe me boet come to africa and you will see what is outback. We do not have the oppertunity,s you guy,s have overseas nor the rigs that have proper sleeping ficilities or the comford. The drivers are drivers in south africa and i can vouch for that as i spent most of my years in africa driving rigs not new secondhand and mantained by me and not a workshop or mac.So please guy,s work the job till you find a better paying job. YOU guy get reckoniced as pro driver,s we on the otherhand are treated asthe scum of the earth and they do not want to know you if you are a truck driver let alone if you work in africa We will also like to have a fancy rig but due to the goverment who controls everything we are not allowed to buy imported rigs as it will leave truck companies in the s t as most of there rigs are over priced and scrap. We could afford your rigs but they do not want lefthand drive vehicles in the country but if rigs come from zimbabwe or zambia they are mosly lefthand drives so i do not see the logic in there little f ed brain so sorry to call it that as there is nothing upstairs. Then you still get an a hole here that pays R17 p/h with a piece of s t they call a lorry that breakes down every trip coming and going telling the driver he can,t drive even though the a hole has never been on the road or has any exp about transport but you see daddy left him the vehicles and now he is the man Work for a bus company. the depot manager cam from another company where he was a CANTEEN MANAGER took all the duties of a depot manager of the computer and want to ran the bus company accordingly Just to give you example they were holding onto the order book. The workshop manager was not allowed to have an order book for spares. He needed a carb for a hyster which is by the way petrol and not diesel.He could not get an order no for the part.I then told him to go depot manager and tell him it is for bus 504 and that the bus must leave that afternoon.The depot manager said the bus cannot stand and gave him the order no even after he showed him the carb.On another time the company,s busses were pulled of for not being roadworthy.Some bright spark at one of our traffic departments phone the depot manager and told him that therear stabiliser bar is gone.When he heard the price of the stabiliser bar he sends an email to the workshop manager and the director of the company that they must replace the stabiliser bars with plastic stabiliser bars.Now you guy can see what a hole we have to work with.I would like to have a longnose rig with all the frills but thats only a dream

Why do you not employ south african drivers Most of them are pro,s in there work as africa is like a training ground and if you drive in africa without a accident then you are above the rest


hi, i am a indian and my work profile is driving and cabable to drive all general light, medium and heavy moving vehicle and looking for the job in uk or anywher in europe,i have the 17 years exp. in driving, presently working in delhi jal board in delhi, india.

manoj lakra,

hi, i am a indian and my work profile is driving and cabable to drive all general light medium and heavy moving vehicle and looking for the job in uk or anywher else in europe


Hi dear friend,

Am Praveen from,Kerala,India working as Administration assistant at a leading travel agency.Am doing many role in this office especially doing driving in free times and holidays.I have more than 15 years of driving experience and lot of administration skills.Am now plan to hold Long haul truck driving lisence from India.Am still in India.Am graduate and pursuing MBA in desire to work in Canada or UK as driver.Any one could please help me to fullfill my dream.Please respond me at krpraveen

Thank ou

iftikhar hussain,

i have 6 year expirience of havy truck,trailer,tenker,15000 gal now i wante worke in canda or australia pls regard me thanks my email: iftikhardxb

Our drivers jobs section may be of some help to you - 44

i have 6 year expirence for trailer,truck,buss 3,4,5,6, number dubai licence with me now i want move to canda or australia pls. regard me

swaleh abubakar,

I would like to express my interest for working in your organisation.I m writting in response to your advertisement for an heavy truck drivers opportunity,Am from kenya citizenship.I believe your organisation offers me opportunity to achieve greater career ambitions and also an enviroment to utilize my potential.


KENYAN I/D NO: 12841752

my email id is tsingh710

harjit singh,

hi iam heavy duty truck driver in uae from last 2 years having valid uAE DRIVERING LICENCE CALLME :00971559102684

tajinder singh,

hi sir i am heavy duty truck driver in uae having valid uae driving licence. driving on long routes across borders. my cell no is 00971504202373.

Anwar Timol,

my email is anwartimol.786 any1 can help with a driving job wil b south african

How do i join getting my licence soon.doing lessons


oh dear so many desperate truck drivers,hello all you truck drivers wanting to get out,seriousley how many trucking companys in your own countrys would hire somebody without meeting you first,erm not many,i think is the correct answer

have any of you ever considered new zealand,i have been a truck driver for 18 years,and have worked in new zealand,australia and recently around africa,currently i am back in nz working as a truck driver,it is soo easy to get inthe best thing to do fellas is up sticks and go,no one wants to employ sombody over the internet in this line of work,get off your a s and do something about it.this is what i do.rather than f ing about with all these internet companys and immigration companys,go straight to the source nz immigration service and look up the immediate shortages list,there you will find that heavy vehicle operator class 4 and 5 is on that list uk equivelant class 1 and 2 minimum 3 years experience

ok first uk citizens buy an open return ticket to nz,uk citizens no visa required for 6 months,get out there and look for work as you would in the uk,when you find a job that you want,tell the employer,you need an offer of employment to apply for your visa usually no worrie so the employer gives you an offer of employment,you been as savvy as you are have got the forms allready from the immigration service,so you get the employer to fill out his form which is barely a page,this is the employer supplementary form,you fill out your application for a work permit form,put it together with your police clearance certificate,that you got before you arrived,your full medical which you got here,very easy to do,apply for 3 years,takes about 3 weeks,so you tell the employer that you are willing to train for free while your permit application is processedsimple..

cost-your return flight of course,work permit application 200nzd,police clearance 10 quid,medical and chest xray maximum 400 nzd

iff you apply for less time you can avoid the medical and police clearance untill a later date..

this is my 3rd time in new zealand,it is so bloody simpledon,t waste your time looking on nz trucking sites,half don,t work,look for jobs in the local papers and the job section and also this is where nz employers are advertisingalso for you lucky uk class 2 holders when you transfer your license here,which is just sitting the highway code test,100 multiple choice questions and the relevant fee,pass that and for some reason they will give you an arcticulated license woohoo,i was a uk class 2 driver and i now have a practically free nz class 5 arctic license.

look it up folks you know it makes sense


I am in Vancouver BC. I have Class 5 with air and a class 3 learners. I can already up shift and down shift, and pass the road test I just need a vehicle to take it in.

sunday phienu,

Dear sir

my name is sunday phienu. i am hevy duty truck driver with 16 yeas experience.furmarly working in NNPC deport.i promiss u that i will give you the best.

pls getback to me so that i can give you my diltas.

thanks may God be with you.

my email;sphienu

i have been a truck driver for nearly 18 years,and use my license to see other countrys,originally from the uk,have uk experience,have worked as a truck driver in australia,new zealand and most recently africa,now i,m currently back in new zealand still working as a truck driver..

this is a problem that is hitting everywhere not just in north america,europe,new zealand,australia are all experiencing the same issues.

when are the goverments going to wake up and class this job as a skill,we spend thousands of pounds/dollars and years in training going through several licenses till you hit the top,also when are companys going to wake up,there is too many hauliers out there that pay crap wages for the job that is expected of you,sole responsibilty for hundreds and thousands of pounds/dollars worth of equipment and stock,and you guys would rather pay some muppet rock bottom wages for operating your equipment,the general attitude to drivers and again this is worldwide they are all the same with a different accident is that iff they don,t like it you can go somwhere else,they know that there is a high turnover of truck drivers out there,one leaves another comes inwake up the wages,give the benefits,don,t mess your drivers about i:e wait till they,re almost home till you turn them round and send them back again.

in the meantime i would be very interested to come out and work in canada for a stint,iff it,s just as terrible as everywhere else,and it would have to be pretty terrible for me,as i know and understand the industry quite well from a drivers point of view,and have quite a good attitude to work,then i will give up trucking competely and go home to the uk.


hello sir iam binu iw at job you plees help me iam now in kuwait now iam kuwait k g l tranporiting comвny iam working now 4 year finish 2year iam working u s iraq kuwaith transporting now ag 29 marriad plees help

kulwinder singh,

hello kulwinder singh frm india.33 yrs of age,n working in a transport a heavy driver,im having accident free driving experience fr more than 8 years. now i want ajob of heavy driver in canada.,plz help me in telling hw could get there for a permanent job. ill b thankful tou. my contact nos.are 91 9878110132 email is acsbatala

Baboo Singh,

Hy sir, i am intermidiate pass with maths side and i am 30 yrs old. i know driving and having own liceance in india. I want a job in canada as a truck driver plz sir tell me what are the illegibility for that and what pay scale for trucks driver in canada. How can i get that job for mine plz. ill b thankful to you. my contact no is

91 9936391029 and email is



hello dharmender frm india.39 yrs of age,n working in a transport a heavy driver,im having accident free driving experience fr more than 8 years. now i want ajob of heavy driver in canada.,plz help me in telling hw could get there for a permanent job. ill b thankful tou. my contact nos.are 91 9034433166. 91 9215508286 n email is dhrmender.sharma

mr kelvin,

Iam a trailer driver searching for employment, I HAVE A GOOD CAREER POTENTIAL IN THE FIELD OF DRIVING.










Our Driving Jobs section has been updated and now includes a variety of driving jobs in addition to truck driving jobs


im a truck driver in the uk, im 38 single with no ties, i love driving long haul and have been looking for work in Canada and the US, but its going to cost me way to much to get out there and to get started, if i could find a company that does long haul across the US that would be willing to pay i would be out there in a flash, i got a job offer with H r transport running out of Alberta, but the costs to me was way to high or i would have gone soon as,

if anyone knows any companys willing to help me get out there i would be most grateful.


why don t you employ from Africa.

Harjinder Singh,

Hi, Im a U.K truck driver and would like to drive in Canada. Can you please tell me how to go about this.


Many thanks


hi can you tell me were to find it and does these companys employ from abroad.

hi there

i live in scotland and been trying to find a way to come over and drive trucks for a few years. But every were i look i just cant find me some employer to sponser me.If you went this wayabout it you could get your drivers to sign a contract to stay with the company for a set amount of years

Hi David - we do have a Trucking Jobs section which may be of some use to you


am a kenyan ex soldier lookig for a job as a driver.please consider my application.

anyone looking for truck driving jobs should check out our tucking jobs section


You have two problems/challenges MD. you need to find out about jobs in the country you want to go to and you also need to get admission to that country. I suggests a trucking course.

By the way, thought the indian economy is doing well. are there better opportunities in india.


I am an Indian Citizen and eager to make my career on Driving Heavy Vehicles. Please guide me that how to get a job in any country. Contact me on 91 09507542975.

I have 7 year exp. as trailer oprt.


md. Murtaza

Md. Murtaza,




Christo GUNSTON,

I am 34 and have - 10years OTR exp and can drive a nice truck thru hell on the 4 july without a scratch.I am one of the best in South Africa but stop driving 2 years ago

Their is no career in trucking in south africa, It is unsafe and the pay is bad.

Back home the life of your wife and kids is constantly in danger because of the crime rate in south africa.If we had the money we would have immigrated long time ago.I love driving but the safety and welfare of my family is more important.

I drove an average of 25 000km a month on Bad south african roads.

USA drivers dont now how lucky they are to drive nice trucks on nice roads with nice truck stops.I know not all is just smooth sailing in transport but enought was just enought.

Their is alot of drivers on South African roads that is just not suppose to even drive a car let alone drive big rigs.

My wife can also drive trucks but was never given the opportunity to get a license or a job as a driver.

Thank you from sunny dark South Africa.

mohammad hussain,


Karan Dang,

I am an Indian Citizen and eager to make my career on Driving Heavy Vehicles. Please guide me that how to get CDL and a job in canada. Contact me on 919868083075.


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