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Sep 13, 2006  When you come from GUI to text-based terminal, you might miss the cut and past mouse functionality. You can use your mouse to copy and paste at a terminal.

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This document contains installation instructions for the Debian GNU/Linux 6.0 system codename squeeze, for the 32-bit PC i386 architecture. It also contains pointers to more information and information on how to make the most of your new Debian system. Note

Although this installation guide for i386 is mostly up-to-date, we plan to make some changes and reorganize parts of the manual after the official release of squeeze. A newer version of this manual may be found on the Internet at the debian-installer home page. You may also be able to find additional translations there.

Debian GNU/Linux Installation Guide

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I have a good new installation of testing Wheezy. I would like to use my

old three-button roll-ball serial mouse Logitech M-MD15L but have so far

failed. The PC is new with an Intel i5 motherboard and a serial port.

With Lenny, it was sufficient to have this section in xorg.conf:

Section InputDevice

Identifier Configured Mouse

Driver mouse

Option CorePointer

Option Device /dev/ttyS0

Option Protocol Microsoft

Option Emulate3Buttons true


That hasn t worked. I also tried replacing /dev/ttyS0 with

/dev/input/mice. I have tried the same two versions of xorg.conf with the

mouse on a serial-to-USB adapter instead of the direct serial port. None of

these four configurations supported the serial mouse. I m testing while

running the fvwm window manager. I have xserver-xorg-input-mouse installed.

In all four cases, Xorg.0.log looked about the same. These were the only

lines with mouse in them:

-- Input Device Configured Mouse

WW AllowEmptyInput is on, devices using drivers kbd, mouse or

vmmouse will be disabled.

WW Disabling Configured Mouse

intel 0 : Silken mouse enabled

I can post the whole file if necessary.

Connecting a modern USB mouse works and creates /dev/mouse0. I think the old

mouse, even via the USB adapter, is not detected by udev. At least I don t

see anything new under /dev after I plug it in.

Is there any way to get the old mouse working with Wheezy. Thanks.

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debian serial mouse

want to use old serial mouse

This document contains installation instructions for the Debian GNU/Linux 8 system codename jessie, for the 32-bit PC i386 architecture. It also contains pointers.

The stock Debian image for the Raspberry Pi uses the UART as a serial console. I was able to connect to it from my Ubuntu laptop via my 3.3-volt USB FTDI TTL-232 cable.

The latest LinuxWacom driver package in Debian already has support for rotation built in so all you need do is install xserver-xorg-input-wacom.

Linus Torvalds Created the Linux kernel while at Helsinki University Finland Released September 16, 1991 Linux Basics Ian Murdock Created Debian while at.

In the default Debian system, there are six switchable VT100-like character consoles available to start the command shell directly on the Linux host.

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