75 Asf Codec Download

Codec play asf files, Avi Player 3.0, Codec Pack All in 1, MicroAdobe Free ASF Player 5.0 Build 71125.

A small package that contains the powerful ASF / MP42 Microsoft High-Speed MPEG-4 V1/2/3 Codec you might need for encoding processes

Advanced Systems Format also known as ASF and formerly entitled Advanced Streaming or Active Streaming format provides you with an extensible multimedia file format hosting joint digital data from Microsoft. Its main goal is to support competent playback from various devices such as digital media servers, HTTP servers or local storage. Furthermore, the container file must a single composition to be presented over a broad array of bandwidths.

Only demanding several seconds of attention

ASF Codec MPEG-4 V1/2/3 helps you deploy Microsoft s branded codec for ASF / MP42 High-Speed MPEG-4 V1/2/3. It is intended mostly for Microsoft s Windows XP; however, you can install it on newer operating systems if you want to make use of its capabilities.

The deploying process consists of unpacking the provided ZIP archive, right-clicking on the MPG4VKI.inf file and choosing the Install option.

Make sure it is properly deployed

Checking whether you already have the codec can be done by accessing the Sounds and Audio Devices Properties within the Control Panel under the Hardware tab section s Video Codecs area. Clicking on the Properties tab reveals the installed codecs. A similar process can be done in order to verify the audio codec s installation status.

Does not damage your system even if outdated

While this is a sure-to-work method to confirm the codec installation, you can always go for Sherlock, the codec detective software. During the installation, you may be prompted of the unsigned state of the driver – as this doesn t affect your system files, you can choose to continue the operation. If the system notifies you that you are trying to install an older version of the codec, make sure you keep the newer iteration that you already have.

To end with

All in all, ASF Codec MPEG-4 V1/2/3 is the codec you are looking for to use whenever you want to get ASF WMA or WMV from your encoding processes. It allows you to create the ASF digital media presentation file format for your audio and video clips to be wrapped in. With ASF being your targeted file container, this codec can be the right choice for the job.

Asf codec free download for Windows 7 - Haihaisoft Universal Player Fully compatible media player, and much more programs.

.asf codec, Storm Codec 08.02.01, Codec Pack All in 1, Cole2k Media Codec Pack Standard 7.1.0.

ASF Codec (MPEG-4 V1/2/3) Download

At least 75 of my files Trying to find an ASF codec to use is pretty damn hard and I use google to find a download link to solve the Codec Hell.

Video Codec Asf Software. File Size: 13.75 Mb; Runs on: WinXP, WinNT 4.x, Win Vista, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64; Aiseesoft ASF Video Converter v.4.0.06.

Download ASF Codec / MPEG-4 V1/2/3. MPEG-4 V1/2/3 VKI Codec for ASF files from Microsoft. ASF Codec / MPEG-4 V1/2/3 was added to MovieCodec.com by Bjarne.

Asf codec free download - Haihaisoft Universal Player Fully compatible media player, and much more programs.

Commons Codec; CODEC-75; Make Base64 URL-safe. Agile Board; Attached patch implements CODEC-75 : JIRA open source license for Apache Software Foundation.

Planet 8314 Driver

Pci Raid Controller Driver last downloaded: 25.12.2015 - 2016 version. 24 Users. Download Rating: 91. Free driver download: pci raid controller driver - driver.

WL-8314 to nowa wersja dobrze znanej karty WL-8313. To oparta na chipie Marvell bezprzewodowa karta sieciowa PCI pracująca z prędkością do 54 Mbps.

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Download Center. In download area, you can find drivers, firmware updates, other software and documentation for your PLANET products.

pci raid controller driver - driver downloads

2014 UPDATED DRIVER DOWNLOAD: Driver Download 2: PLANET WL-8314 latest version, drivers for Windows 8,7,Vista,XP: Driver Download 2: PLANET.

Driver: Last Update: Availability: Downloads: Reported Installation Success Rate: Reported Reason for Installation failure: RADEON X1300/X1550 Series Driver for.





user ID

2016-01-04While you set up a brand new device, the computer conveniently configures it so it can correlate well with the several other devices which were formerly plugged in to the Machine. the computer equally arranges a selective formation, that has direct memory access channels together with other criteria critical for the suitable operation to your recently purchased device coupled with any other devices on the System. A conflict between those assets may occur when the latest driver overlaps some of the frameworks which might be presently allotted to any of the preceding drivers. This kind of mismatch is often sorted out merely by upgrading the driver, as well as by removing the new driver and re-installing it anew.check out these updated drivers:Teredo Tunneling pseudo interface,Microsoft Teredo Tunneling adapter,Microsoft virtual wifi miniport adapter,microsoft teredo tunneling adapter

Among the most classic occasions in which a driver scanner is absolutely very critical is when you go through a windows upgrade, and wish to have all your hardware and devices function at their utmost potential for the modern operating-system. Binding the components and the user interface is really what drivers are made for, and this essential role is crucial for your laptops or computers trustworthiness. Running a driver scanner to automatically seek out and remove and replace all the malfunctioning drivers at routine cycles is becoming common technique for personal home pc end users.

Making ideal use of your machine is reliant besides on pci raid controller driver, but also on an immense list of drivers that link the hardware and your devices. Managing an extensive range of up-to-date drivers on your computer system is close to impossible, when you aim to manually find out and download every driver which wants replacing. Avoiding all the functionality issues that arise as a result of an out of date driver can be achieved by getting hold of the most up graded models as early as you possibly can.

Bad drivers have a tendency to affect many layers on your hard drive or laptop, not only the apparatus they re specifically pertaining to. pci raid controller driver - driver downloads manual installation guide zippci raid controller driver - driver downloads driver-category list Whatever the type of the driver scanner you re interested in, all of them give very similar functionalities in finding downloading and applying up-to-date drivers within a few minutes. Countless glitches may result in expired pci raid controller driver and also other driver, and the effected pc is in real danger of becoming slower or possibly rendered useless.

Once you strive to resolve a given crisis which stems from the defective pci raid controller driver be aware that different drivers may have also been compromised by your damaged code, and so require modernizing also. All driver scanners coordinate the retrievals automatically without requesting any assistance and with out asking you to enter the driver specifics. Getting hold of the driver model is valuable for attempting to track down the suitable revised pci raid controller driver. sad to say this cannot be carried out by employing windows device manager as the information provided there is commonly out of date itself. A particular negative consequence of a ruined pci raid controller driver may be a diminished net association, however the not so great news will not stop at that. Getting your system shutdown unexpectantly is one of the most annoying consequence of bad drivers, like pci raid controller driver, and really should be prevented at any cost, should you want to sustain all your information.

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Sphingolipid Activator Protein Deficiency

Type of defect protein Disease examples Deficient protein; Lysosomal enzymes primarily: Tay-Sachs disease, I-cell disease, 4 Sphingolipidoses e.g., gangliosidosis.

Sphingolipid activator protein B deficiency: report of 9 Saudi patients and review of the literature.
  • A clear understanding of how most cells successfully manage their protein repair and disposal has been elusive.
  • A Brief Synopsis and History of Arabidopsis Acyl-Lipid Metabolism. Perhaps the best overview of plant acyl-lipid synthesis is provided in the textbook chapter by.
  • Sphingolipids are ubiquitous building blocks of eukaryotic cell membranes. Progress in our understanding of sphingolipid metabolism, state-of-the-art sphingolipidomic.
  • Proteins are assembled from amino acids using information encoded in genes. Each protein has its own unique amino acid sequence that is specified by the nucleotide.

Jan 04, 2016  Most individuals with metachromatic leukodystrophy have mutations in the ARSA gene, which provides instructions for making the enzyme arylsulfatase A.


Mutated PSAP gene resulting in sphingolipid activator protein B deficiency is known to cause metachromatic leukodystrophy variant in which arylsulfatase A is normal. Of 16 patients with metachromatic leukodystrophy that were evaluated in our center, 7 patients were diagnosed with arylsulfatase A-deficient metachromatic leukodystrophy, whereas 9 children from 4 unrelated Saudi families were found to have sphingolipid activator protein B deficiency. PSAP analysis found that the 4 families segregate the same homozygous mutation that was a g.722G C transversion resulting in C241S change, which was previously reported in an Arab patient. Our work, which reports the largest series of patients with sphingolipid activator protein B deficiency, suggests that this variant is likely to be more common than arylsulfatase A-deficient metachromatic leukodystrophy in Arabs, a notion that has potential diagnostic and preventive implications.

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Wem Amps Serial Numbers

Bauer. Until recently, I had only seen the Bauer name in Peter Forrest s A-Z book, described simply as Combo organ with or without speaker and amp in lid.

Gibson EB0 bass pictures, soundclips, schematics and other technical information; all about the Gibson EB0.

Note: We respect your privacy and will not spam, sell, or share your email address.

Maton02 - Classic Australian Valve Amplifiers Source: e-bay. New: 5/3/07 Paul Quinn writes; Ive been meaning to send you an email for a while regarding my maton amp.





Avelli s Watkins Collection New York, USA









site, like the Selmer

Amplifier Website, is a joint collaboration between Tim Fletcher and

myself, Steve Russell. We both feel very strongly that the old British amps like

Selmer, Watkins, and Fenton Weill together with a few others, have been pushed

into the shadows by the admittedly well deserved publicity heaped upon Vox and

Marshall, and these webpages are our attempts to redress the balance a little.

There are one or two other website now which deal with

Watkins/WEM gear, the most notable of which are Charlie

Watkins own site of course, and Reg Goodwin s excellent Watkins

Guitar World website. We therefore do not intend to go too deep into the

history of the Watkins Electrical Music Ltd, as we have attempted to do on the

Selmer site, because this is already well covered elsewhere.  At the

present, we do not also want to stray off into the realms of the WEM PA systems

that were so famous in the late 1960 s and 70 s. We are both guitar players, and

so let s concentrate on instrument amps only for now. The PA s and speaker

systems may come later. What we are therefore attempting to do is produce a

record of the various guitar and bass amplifier models, their specifications,

and their many variations throughout the period when Watkins/WEM were at the

height of their fame.

As with the Selmer website, the philosophy that

was adopted with this

website was that we put down our joint knowledge on the subject. This relied on us using memory going back nearly 40 years,

together with old catalogue entries and magazine articles, etc, so please accept

our apologies if you find any errors. .



Mid-60 s WEM

Copicat 17 Oct 2015


Watkins Copicat 17 Oct 2015

Mid-1950 s

Watkins Westminster 16 Oct 2015

1970 s WEM

Dominator 15 Watt Combo 15 Oct 2015

1970 sWEM Monitor

50 Watt Combo 15 Oct 2015

c1956 Watkins Clubman 14 Oct 2015

1963 Watkins Joker 14 Oct 2015

2014 Watkins Westminster

Amp-Fix Re-Issue 6 Feb 2015

2014 Watkins Clubman Amp-Fix

Re-Issue 23 Sept 2014


Watkins Westminster V-Front Combo 4 July



Starfinder 1 x 18 Bass Speaker Cabinet 4

July 2014

Late 60 s WEM BR60 Bass Amplifier Head 3 July


Watkins Westminster 10watt Combo

26 April 2014

WEM Copicat

Super IC Model 17 April 2014


Watkins Westminster 14Watt Combo

10 March 2014



By Tim FletcherThe name of Charlie Watkins will forever be synonymous with two things : 

The famous Watkins Copicat, which he launched upon an unsuspecting world in 1958

in perfect time for Hank Marvin to come along soon afterwards albeit with a

Meazzi EchoUnit resulting in every young guitarist of the time rushing out

in order to buy Charlie s cheaper model, and

 The master/slave PA rigs he invented

and which were behind all the big outdoor UK pop festivals of the late 60s and

early 70s. 

His guitar amplifiers are less well-known, with the possible

exception of the legendary V-front Dominator of course. He chose to position them at

the budget end of the market, perhaps wisely recognising that competition was fierce at the top

with Vox, Selmer and later Marshall vying for position. 

Watkins later Wem amplifiers were well-made, sounded great and still do and

easily undercut the prices of his competitors. Consequently they sold in countless thousands to young musicians, as did the Watkins guitars

made by his brothers Reg Syd.

Now for a potted history - very abridged as it s covered


 Serving in the Merchant Navy during WWII, Charlie learnt to play the accordion and upon his discharge

became a semi-pro player, often accompanied by a guitarist. In 1949 he opened a record

shop in London as a side-line with his brother, and in 1951 moved into selling accordions and guitars. He made a first batch of 20 amplifiers in 1952, but

that enterprise was near-disastrous as he had to recall them upon hearing of a

guitarist being electrocuted by a similar AC/DC unit. Undeterred, by 1954 he had commenced production of the Westminster, a plain grey model at that time,

and by 1956 when the skiffle rock n roll guitar boom hit the UK, he had added

the Clubman and V-front Dominator to his range. Demand became huge and the fledgling

company expanded : in 1958 the Copicat became an instant best-seller, and by 1963 a dozen models of amplifier were offered.

In 1963/64 the Watkins company re-branded itself as Wem : the lovely two-tone coloured amps disappeared in favour of

the ubiquitous black coverings which were more or less compulsory by then. Throughout the 60s Wem offered a range of combos

including updated Clubman, Westminster and Dominator models and various piggy-back head cab set-ups. The big development came in 1966/67 though, when

Charlie developed his pioneering master/slave PA systems which for the first time

made possible power ratings of 1000 watts and literally set the stage for all

the major outdoor pop festivals which followed. Wem catalogues quickly became showpieces for state-of-the-art PA systems, and guitar amps took a back seat.

Despite a proliferation of new names in the guitar amp market in the late 60s - Sound City, HiWatt, Laney, Carlsbro etc. - Wem soldiered on throughout the

70s offering a wide range of guitar, bass and PA amplifiers. In 1982, the

company re-located from 66 Offley Road, London SW9 to Tritton Road, and then

afterwards to a small factory close to his home in Upper Norwood, London SE19.

Here Charlie

operating on a smaller scale selling accordions, amplifiers and Copicats.

Retirement was apparently an option which never seemed to have

occurred to him.

Charlie Watkins, the grand-father

of British guitar amplification, passed away on 28th October 2014. His legacy

lives on and he will not be forgotten.


The Wem Story by David Petersen The Guitar Magazine,

May June 2000

Seventeen Watts by Mo Foster

The Watkins Electric

Music Website


The development of each particular model is, we hope, covered in it s

specific description, but some general notes may assist the visitor in identifying

and dating amps.

Little is known to us so far, anyway of the very early Watkins amps c.1952-55 : they apparently had plain grey coverings, and according to Manchester s

Johnny Reno who encouraged Charlie in his venture they had a pre-war look about them. It seems that by 1956/57 the Dominator, Westminster and Clubman were

established in much the same styling they kept until 1963, early models in maroon cream coverings followed by

turquoise cream. Interesting snippet : the turquoise is the same

pattern as the fawn covering that Vox used in the early 60s - probably a

Rexine leather-cloth.

The process of re-branding into Wem in 1963/64 seems to have been a gradual one. First

day-glo orange Wem logos replaced the brass Watkins logos, then

black cream coverings appeared, and finally by 1964 the whole range was re-styled into plain black cabs with red/gold diamond pattern

grill-cloth, a cosmetic

appearance which lasted well into the 1970s.












































c1963 Watkins Dominator

Amp c1961 Watkins Copicat, with 1959 Hofner President.

1963 WEM Advertisement, courtesy of Brian Watters, UK.

The Dominator is


. .as is now also the Clubman and Westminster..

Return to SELMER







    Steve Russell Tim Fletcher 2003/2015

All rights reserved.

Dedicated resource for Watkins / Wem / Wilson guitars and wem amps. Information on guitars, renovation, amplifiers and much more.

Watkins Guitar World - Miscellaneous


site is dedicated to Watkins / WEM / Wilson Guitars and WEM amps


Pink Floyd were great enthusiasts for WEM gear as can be seen here from the cover artwork for their album Ummagumma

Jimmy Page playing with Led Zeppelin next to a rare WEM Ultimus amp at the Supershow 1969 still taken from the Led Zep DVD

What a surprise to find a Rapier Bass featured in the sleeve notes for Mark Knopfler s album Kill To Get Crimson

Mark also has a Rapier 33 in his large collection of guitars just right of camera below

Paul Weller in The Jam playing The Roxy Club in London 1977 with a Rapier 22

Alan Lovell of The Swinging Blue Jeans kindly allowed me to use a few of his early photos when he was in The Limits. Alan is far right above with the Rapier 33, centre is another Rapier and on the left is a Dallas Tuxedo see History page for more on Tuxedos. A fine collection of early British guitars. Alan has met almost everyone in the business and has a great collection of photos on his website

More of Alan s early Limits photos below


1965 The Limits now sounding better with a bass player.

2009 Alan Lovell reunited with an early Rapier 33 just like the one his mum first bought for him in 1962

Picture above is Cornish band Circuit 5 in action in 1965. Note the Watkins Circuit 4 guitar in use by Keith Vingoe on the left. They played their first gig in Heamoor Scout Hut and had this picture published in The Cornishman newspaper. By the next year the kit had improved - The photo below taken at the Gremlin Club Penzance shows Malcolm Perry with the Pearl drum kit bought in specially for Malcolm by James Music Shop. Dave Berryman had graduated from using an old Vox guitar to a WEM Rapier Bass guitar. Many thanks for all the info from Tony Smith. Keith and Tony are still rocking and gigging around the Cornwall/Devon border in a band called Delta Skelter www.deltaskelter.co.uk

Photo above L to R : Keith Vingoe lead guitar Malcolm Perry Drums Brian Ableman Vocals Billy Oxenham Rhythm Dave Berryman Bass


Spot the Watkins Rapier 44 in this illustration from an article in The Independent on Sunday Newspaper

20th July 2008 - Thanks to Tim Cooper

Could this be the youngest Watkins Rapier player. Young Jimmy aged 10 is a guitar pupil of Rapier enthusiast Mick Herbert

Remember you saw him here first when Jimmy is famous.


Rapier goes Punk.


to David Crozier for pictures of his brother Neville playing a heavily

modded minimalist Rapier which was originally Red 1777. Neville

used the guitar with the Fruit Eating Bears. Their moment of TV

glory came in 1975 when they were the token punk entry in A Song

For Europe. Neville comments:


are a couple of pics of the Fruit Eating Bears Rapier

serial no 1777. One was taken for the 1998 compilation CD. The other

was taken in 1978 at Jackson studios Rickmansworth whilst recording

tracks for the said album. It was used for the solos and overdubs

on Flirt in a Skirt Shop Door Squeeze and

Indian Giver because I needed to use a tremolo on them.

I used it all the time on gigs as a back up guitar, when strings

went on the telecaster, the most notable occasion being the Chelmsford

Rock punk festival when John Peel took photos of me playing it with

blood dripping from my fingers. I mean the action s not that bad.

He says he still has the photo, but can t find it. Anyway the Rapier

still looks the same today, 25 years on.


that Buddy Holly with a Rapier 33. No - it was my buddy, the late Geoff Gaskell,who used to be one of my valued website contributors with his friend Jack

Nuttall father of Gary Nuttall, guitarist with Robbie Williams


in 1962Geoff

had some illustrious company at the Liverpool Institute. Paul

McCartney was in the same year and George Harrison a year below.


10th July 2009 - Today I received the sad news that Geoff died yesterday. It s hard to imagine that I will never get another e-mail from Geoff. We had been in regular contact since 2003 and had met a number of times. Of course we shared an interest in Watkins guitars and amps and exchanged spares whenever possible but Geoff had wider musical interests and was extremely knowledgable about all makes of guitars. Latterly with the help of Mike Crittenden he learnt to build and repair valve amps. In his younger days, Geoff had great success playing country and western on the club circuit, with his stage name of Jim Bodene. He was extremely proud of his Liverpool roots where he had a number of Beatle connections through his contemporaries at the Liverpool Institute. There wasn t much he didn t know about the Beatles and he was great friends with Neil Aspinall, The Beatles business manager. Geoff was one of a diminishing number of true gentlemen - people with principles and complete integrity who would never let you down. I greatly valued his friendship and will truly miss his wisdom and love of life. My sympathy goes out to his devoted wife Freda and his two grown up daughters, Julie and Karen.

Neil Aspinall and Geoff Gaskell right in 2004

Manuel Capurro played this Wilson

semi Acoustic bass in his band Ablegem. This picture was taken around

1970 in Hammersmith Town Hall. The bass had a very nasty accident

when it was dropped by airport baggage handlers but after repair Manuel

traded it in for a Fender Mustang. In memory of Manuel who sadly died 2008.

Trevor Williams kindly sent me some early sixties pictures of him playing his beloved Watkins Vibra below. He reckons it had one of the best tremolo systems he ever used and he was very sorry when he traded up to Hofner Verithin which was always going out of tune with temperature changes.

Count Boris and the Backbeats

Paul Ferris and the Firebrands

Trevor and the Backbeats

The Rapiers don t play Rapiers. But they play great Shadows-type music and the lead guitarist is a Hank Marvin doppelganger. Check them out live or on CD if you get a chance.

They did do this publicity picture many years ago with a very nice Rapier 44 in the front of the van.

Here s a picture from Allen Wells which puts his Rapier 33 into its time frame. Remember Quadrophenia, Mods and Rockers. The scooter is Allen s 1966 Lambretta LI125

A Message from Mick Herbert, a Rapier owner since 1960

I have been playing guitar since I was 11 years old.

My mum bought me my first guitar which was the Rapier 33 which I still own to this day, all be it needing a bit of TLC.

I remember going on a 107A bus from Enfield Highway to Berry s music shop in Tottenham High street to purchase this magnificent guitar on my 12th birthday in 1960. The trip on the bus took about an hour with a change.

How proud, I walked, in Ponders End on the change between buses, returning home with my Watkins in its box. I must have stood at least 12ft tall on that day. It still plays well after all these years. I have since moved on to Fenders but I will never part with it. It is part of my life and part of me. It was been gigged vigorously during the 60 s and unfortunately the lacquer finish has checked. Too many hot gigs and cold nights in the van in thosedays. - If I only knew then what I know now.. It has 2 gold type adhesive letters on the top horn which are my initials - Inspired when I saw Hank Marvin with his initials on his red Fender during the 60 s I was contemplating having the guitar re-lacquered many years ago, but I was told to leave it as manufactured as it would devalue it Any way onto the guitar. It was purchased in April 1960 Serial number 1731 - looks as if it was stamped into the wood by hand as the number 3 isnot as indented as the other numbers. Place of Purchase : Berry s Musical Shop -Tottenham in North London Still has its original Tremolo arm, push fit The back of the neck is a faded red to natural and back again at both.

Head and Body - The Watkins emblem although worn on the scratch plate states Watkins Musical,

Rapier 33 in a scroll type script. I guess all this could be reinstated if required with some silk screen ink or something.

All the electrics work very well, as does the trem which will always return to set pitch.

Trem body just has the Watkins name. No Hi Lo

Glued neck and No truss Rod. All Chrome work is A1 just dusty

WEM memories from Graeme Park

I had an ER 40, bought with a 2 x 12 WEM bass cabinet from a 2nd hand shop in Bishop Auckland for about twenty quid. What struck me was the speaker connection was hard wired from the amp. My mate Paul s more modern ER40 had a jack socket speaker output, while mine was a four foot lead with a white plastic plug on the end. This was about 1968/69.

Later on we bought a Starfinder 4x12 for thirty quid and we used this as a PA cabinet to match . the single 4x12 WEM column on the other side. The PA amp was a croc skin Selmer TB50 and there was a tape Copicat for reverb. Paul made his own tape loops to save money.

The band was named Lame Gypsy and consisted of Paul Ainsworth then a grand old age of 19 on lead and vocals; Graeme Park me, at 15 on bass and Don Ashton, also 15 on drums. Paul had a Gibson Les Paul Custom - cost him 600 quid rich grandma. I remember the could get all sorts of sounds out of his ER40 - no delay, reverb or overdrive - just pure rock tone. We played Cream and Hendrix covers, blues and rock and roll and we played at Working Men s Clubs all over the North East of England. I later bought a Shaftesbury Les Paul Custom copy, which I still have.

Paul got bored with us we wuz only kids and split, leaving us with a full gig book and no guitarist. We divided the gear up - he took the 4x12 and gave me his 2x12 in payment. What Paul didn t know was that the night before he came to pick up his Starfinder, I had accidentally swapped its 4 Celestion G12s with the four Fanes from the 2 x 12 cabinets and in doing so managed to accidentally yer honour put a screwdriver through one cone. It was only a little hole. And it was an accident, I m not that vindictive. I went back to lead guitar and Pete Flint came in on bass and vocals. We did an audition along with another 20 or so bands for Mickey Most at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane in 1972 - thanks boys - get off. - next. Don had the honour of standing next to Mr Most in the Gent s and splashing his shoes with a careless movement.

I saw Paul again about a year later when his band Amoeba came through my home town. He said he d sold the Starfinder as it started sounding crap. Oops. The sellotape I d put over the hole must have come off.

I kept my ER40 for a few years more before putting it in part exchange for a SIMMS WATTS 100 watt valve amp and cabinet from Bells Music in Newton Aycliffe. This was the northern offshoot of Bell s Surbiton shop and a veritable oasis of music. I had to use a fuzz box with the Simms as I couldn t wind it up enough to overdrive. The Simms was good, but not a patch on the WEM.

I wish I d been able to afford to keep the WEM gear though - as a plug it in and switch in on type of amp it was unbeatable. The amp top and two 2x12 cabs set up in a kind of mini stack had cute appeal and it was a third of the weight of that ruddy ten ton Simms Watts monster.

I left Lame Gypsy and joined Merlin in 1972, leaving as year later when my career took a turn and I went to sea in the Merchant Navy. The drummer from Merlin Mick Goodings joined White Spirit with guitarist Janick Gers, who then was poached by Iain Gillan, then by Iron Maiden. So in a way, I have a distant connection with Rock Royalty.

Now I live and work in Dubai and my band mate Pete Holyoak has a WEM PA40 that he bought new in the 70 s and has kept in good nick ever since. That black red and silver box with the ultra cool WEM logo still looks a damn good piece of amplifier. We don t use it though as everything goes through the 1000 watt stereo PA now. That s technology for you. As a kid the band got paid thirty quid for a night - now we get three hundred. That s inflation for you.

I still wish I d never sold that ER 40 rig though.

Best regards

Graeme Park

The late Bo

Diddley did some promotion work for WEM


This mid 60s two transistor Fuzz Box was designed by Pepe Rush an Italian electronics engineer. I m indebted to fuzz sound expert Graham Green for the pictures of his Rush Pep and the Project V fuzz boxes below. Graham also owns an interesting prototype called Fuzzy which probably evolved into the Rush Pep.

John Lennon using a WEM Rush Pep fuzz box at Abbey Road. This box was possibly used on Paperback Writer

Below is the Project V similarly cased to the Rush Pep but a whole world away in terms of electronic sophistication. This 8-transistor circuit was probably a spin off from the Project IV guitar See Solid Guitars page. Graham Green reckons that it is one of the best fuzz boxes he has ever heard and he has heard and used them all.

Inside the Project V pedal below

Below - Fuzzy, the Pepe Rush prototype for WEM s first fuzz box

Most of the Fuzz box photos above are courtesy and copyright of Graham Green

Lennon photos courtesy of Dolphin Music website


remember freaking-out or getting a Hand-full


so, please keep it to yourself.


This model was produced in the late 70s and only about 30 were made. Charlie Watkins has vivid memories of the Nightshade. He nearly lost two fingers in a planing machine when working on some end panels for the prototype. This would have seriously affected his accordion playing repertoire One Note Samba maybe.. Sorry for the cheap joke, Charlie - glad you fully recovered from the nasty accident

Teisco Teischord C Combo Organ made under the WEM brand name

The WEM WAH Pedal


this heavily fortified trade stand you can just make out some Circuit

4 guitars on the left and the ill-fated Fifth Man guitar/organ on the


Strictly Copyright

2010 c Reg Godwin and individual contributors.

The Gibson logo on the L-6S Deluxe is a decal, and in between 1975 and early 1977 the serial number was a decal too. This is an eight digit number with the first two.

Dean Acoustic Guitar Serial Number

dean acoustic guitar serial number

Dime s legendary lightning bolt Dean From Hell ML is serial number Dean guitar ever made, serial number Dean fans. like me. How does Dean Guitars.

Do Dean guitar serial numbers tell you what year it is from?

Guitars by Dean. Official Dean Guitar website showing the world s finest selection of Electric Guitars, Acoustic Instruments. Resonators; Banjos; Mandolins.

dean acoustic guitar serial number


05-15-2012, PM



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Do Dean guitar serial numbers tell you what year it is from.

Hi all

I know Ibanez ones do, but how about with Deans. And if they do identify date of manufacture, how do you work it out form the number.




He s such a psycho.

Location: Canada

I believe the first two numbers of the serial are the year of it, can t recall the rest though. I figured it out and found out that my ML was a 07, but I can t remember if it was the first or last two numbers that did it, nor what the rest of the numbers mean.



Originally Posted by SlayingDragons

Nah, I prefer to tune lower. My tunings usually go into weird Hebrew symbols.

05-24-2012, AM


Anyone else. Thanks Enix165 for the help



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Dean guitars made in the USA follow a serial number pattern consisting of a 7 digit number with the first 2 numbers being the year of manufacture, followed by instrument production numbers. The serial number is found on the back of the headstock. Imported Dean guitars do not have year coded serial numbers and have to be dated by configuration and design.


Join Date: Jun 2008

Location: Kingwood, Tx

Yeah the USA models do, my USA RC7 has 09 as the first two digits. Honesty never bothered to check the import deans i ve owned though.

02-20-2014, PM


UN chained

Dean Imports

import Korean, Japanese or Chinese guitar that was built before 07 -08, your serial number will mean essentially nothing. If it s after that you should be able to decode it pretty easily.

US - Un Sung Korea

Y - Yoojin China

E - World Korea

next 2 digits are the year made followed by the month and then build

so mine for example

US - Un Sung Korea

12 - 2012

04- April

0364 guitar built that month.

My newest addition,

2012 Dean Dime Concrete Sledge ML Limited Run 333

to see more of my gear visit my profile.

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Wow, so that Cadillac I bought from the pawn shop isn t very old at all. The back of the headstock says Korea.., serial US1210 Y

02-21-2014, AM


Originally Posted by ninjamunky85

Yup. she s still young.

05-24-2015, AM


Originally Posted by Ikillintel

This is really cool because this means then my dean vendetta 4.0 was made in Un Sung Korea in 2007 on the 16th of October and it was the 97th that month.

11-02-2015, AM


Originally Posted by berrett96

This is really cool because this means then my dean vendetta 4.0 was made in Un Sung Korea in 2007 on the 16th of October and it was the 97th that month.

No problem man I do what I can.

11-03-2015, AM


Originally Posted by T00DEEPBLUE

Old topic, I know, but this needs clarification for those looking for serial number information. His post refers to VINTAGE Dean guitars when they were DBZ. Imports of that era where made by ESP Japan. If you have a vintage Dean I suggest heading over to the Dean Forum and post it in the correct location and the Vintage Guru s there can darn near nail your serial number.

If you have a DIME series guitar by Dean Guitars, you can read my old post a few above this one. I have new information about the DIME series in my Blog on this site. Just click my name that will take you to my profile and read my blog section. I ve only spec d out the Razorback V series, but the serial decoding information should still apply. If you need more information, shoot me a PM I have the catalogs from 2004 - 2015.

Note the 2004 catalog for Dean Guitars does not show any DIME series guitars, however, the USA Razorback V s were DIME s Designs and advertised for 9-4-2004.

Shortly after these guitars launched Dime was murdered I have not found a 2005 catalog. I do not see DIME guitars until the 2006 Catalog from 2006 forward I can date your instrument and give you specs. Hope this helps. m/

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dean acoustic guitar serial number
  • Dean Guitars: Electric, Acoustic and Bass Guitar, Official Dean Guitar website showing the world s finest selection of Electric Guitars, Dean Promos. Check.
  • 1990: Zelinsky sells Dean Guitar Company to Tropical Music. Dean acoustic guitars, acoustic/electric guitars, and even resonator models are introduced.

Dean Tucson Sunburst Acoustic Electric Guitar, Serial Number 04038831. Click the image to load the highest resolution version.

Nbtstat Failed To Access Netbt Driver

Il contenuto di questo blog e di ciascun post viene fornito così come é, senza garanzie, e non conferisce alcun diritto. Questo blog riporta il mio personale.

Index of events in the Event Log Event Viewer, which you can sort on Source, Event ID and Task Category.

I m having issues with Firefox providing error message which reads: An error occurred during a connection to search.yahoo.com. Peer s certificate has an invalid.

An error occurred

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Name Resolutions


Can t access

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Can t browse computers after upgrade to windows 2008

Can t ping/map home PC using hostname after joining


Cannot find file corrupt or

missing when starting WINS

Common NetBIOS

name problem

Computer will not Stay connected to


DNS and NetBIOS Name Resolution Issues for Creating

External, Realm and Forest Trusts

Duplicate name issue


name exists.

Failed to

access NetBT driver --  NetBT may not be loaded

How can I install NetBEUI on


How to configure WINS 

for a non-WINS client

How to check

NetBIOS status

How to configure NetBIOS over TCP/IP

How to enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP in a peer-to-peer network

How to

modify Node Type

How to re-cache the NetBIOS name

fix name resolution issue on a standard DNS network

My Network Places doesn t list a subnet computers

Name resolution order on Windows XP s previous



are required in a mixed network

NetBIOS over TCP/IP Overview

network problem because of NetBIOS

NBNS Name query failure because of node type

nbtstat -n does not

show Server service


Type is modified after installing/removing a software

P-node issue

Receive old IP when ping host name

TCP/IP Node Type issues

Troubleshooting WINS

Why enabling NetBIOS over TCP/IP doesn t work

Windows 7 failing to access network shares by netbios name

You can use UNC to map network resources but can t browse any networking


Wins server disappeared with Event ID 4314 and


WINS is red X after deleting one NIC in Multihomed server


S service will not start

with error 2: cannot find file corrupt or missing

Will XP Pro operate as a client on a LAN using netbeui.

MS provides many options for name resolution such as

local cache lookup, WINS server query, broadcast, DNS server query, and

LMHOSTS and HOSTS lookup. They can be grouped as two categories:

NetBIOS resolution and Host name resolution.

Clients connecting to resources on Microsoft servers, typically through

Windows File Manager or Network Neighborhood, most often use NetBIOS name

resolution. Microsoft TCP/IP uses NetBIOS over TCP/IP NetBT to

support the NetBIOS client and server programs in the LAN and

WAN environments.

 In the most cases, NetBIOS over TCP/IP NetBT resolves NetBIOS

names to IP addresses in workgroup network and can

consist of local subnet broadcasts. WINS resolves NetBIOS names to IP

addresses in domain network and is better to be

used in WAN.

Host name resolution resolves

the names of TCP/IP resources that do not connect through the NetBIOS

interface. The most common example of this is a Web browser such as Microsoft

Internet Explorer. Other examples include Internet applications such as Ping,

FTP, and Telnet. Many modern database and mail applications that connect using

Winsock, the Microsoft Windows implementation of TCP/IP sockets, also use host

name resolution. Examples of these types of applications are Outlook and


If the name is still not

resolved, NetBIOS name resolution sequence is used as a backup. This order can

be changed by configuring the NetBIOS node type of the client. 

In conclusion: The default

resolution order for resolving a host name is Local Cached Information -

Hosts File - DNS Servers - NetBt NetBIOS over TCP/IP. When troubleshooting

name resolution issues, it is important to narrow down whether the application

is resolving a NetBIOS name or a host name.

NetBIOS over TCP/IP name

resolution can consist of local subnet broadcasts.


NetBIOS name problem

NetBIOS names must be between 1 and 15 characters long the names are up to

16 characters, but the last character is reserved as a special characters.

For that reason, you should not give a computer name longer than 15


Duplicate name


Symptoms: Event viewer may show Event ID 4320,

Event ID: 4319. You may get system error 52 and a duplicate name has been

detected on the TCP network.


1. If two computers on the Network with the same

name, use the

nbtstat -n command to find out these two computers, for example,

using nbtstat -n to check the name and ip of the local computer, and then

using  nbtstat -a command with the IP address to get the

another computer name.

2. If identical username is logging on to multiple computers, the usernames

will register with a, and that may cause the name conflict in the

network. Ask the user to log off of all computers and log back on to just one


3. This may be occurred because of inactive or duplicate names in the WINS

Database. Go to the WINS server, check the database and delete the inactive

or duplicated names.

4. This my be  occurred because of  a possibly corrupted DHCP database. To

clear DHCP related entries or clean out old settings in the registry, delete

any. mib files, and then reinstall DHCP.

5. This may be occurred because of  conflicting NICs in a Multihomed

Computer. To fix this problem, you may want to stop Computer Browser service

or uncheck one of Client for MS Network.

6. This may be ocurred because IPCONFIG /ALL returns incorrect host name. To

change computer name in the TCP/IP parameters section, run regedit.exe, and

locate the HOSTNAME value in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Services Tcpip

Parameters, and then edit the string data.

Still need help,

contact consultant         


feedback and contributions to this web site

causes: 1. No rights to run


2. Missing NetBT parameters in registry.

3. NetBIOS is not enabled.

How can I install NetBEUI on WinXP.

A: NetBEUI is not included on XP by default. To

install NetBEUI, 1 Copy Nbf.sys to the SYSTEMROOT System32 Drivers

directory from Windows XP CD - Valueadd MSFT Net NetBEUI folder. 2 Copy

Netnbf.inf to the SYSTEMROOT Inf hidden

directory. 3 Go to Control Panel Network Connections, right-click the adapter

you want to add NetBEUI to, and then click

Properties General Install Protocol Add NetBEUI Protocol.

If your have non-WINS machines on a subnet and want to them to be visible

browsing participants, you may have two options to setup WINS for non-WINS

machines. 1 Enable WINS Agent. To setup a machine as proxy agent in NT 4, 

run regedit and go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Services NetBT Parameters.

Double-click on the EnableProxy and set vale to 1. 2   add static entries on

WINS Manager. To do this, run WINS Manager Mappings Static Mappings and add


How to check NetBIOS status

To check if the computer has registered a 00, a 03, and a 20

entry, and these correspond to the Workstation service, the Messenger service,

and the Server service, respectively, use nbtstat -n. That will list local

NetBIOS names. To list remote computer name table, use nbtstat -a computer

name or nbtstat -A IP.

How to disable WINS Proxy

To disable wins proxy, go to

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE System CurrentControlSet Services Netbt Parameters,

change the value to 0.

   Value Name: EnableProxy

   Value Type: REG_DWORD

   Values: Boolean 0 or 1

   Default: 0

How to modify Node Type

1. For W2K/XP, go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE System CurrentControlSet Services Netbt Parameters

to make change:

Name: DhcpNodeType

Value Type: REG_DWORD - Number

Valid Range: 1,2,4,8 b-node, p-node, m-node, h-node

Default: 1 or 8 based on the WINS server configuration

If this key is present, it will override the DhcpNodeType key. If neither

key is present, the system defaults to b-node if there are no WINS servers

configured for the client. The system defaults to h-node if there is at least

one WINS server configured.

2. Windows 95, go to

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE System CurrentControlSet Services VxD MSTCP

Name: NodeType

Value type: DWORD

Valid range: 1, 2, 4, or 8

Default: 1 b-node if no value is specified or no WINS servers are configured

on the network; 8 h-node if WINS servers are specified and NodeType is not

otherwise defined in the Registry.

If DNS is enabled which also enabled LMHOSTS in Windows 95, name

resolution will also follow the mode defined by this parameter. This value can

also be configured using DHCP.

If you can ping a remote computer IP but not the name, and

you have WINS or enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP, this may be an outdated NetBIOS

name resolution in the local NetBIOS name cache. You may want to run NBTSTAT

-r to reset the cache and force the computer to retrieve remote computer name.

Some w2k/xp computer have a difficulty to connect to a laptop

and your company has standardized on DNS for name resolution no WINS and

NetBIOS enabled. you also find that you can ping the laptop ip but not name.

You may want to run ipconfig /registerdns to renew the ip configuration and

register the laptop s DNS name with the DNS.


resolution order on Windows XP s previous version

Before the XP, the name resolution generally occurs in the following order:

1. NetBIOS remote name cache; 2. WINS server; 3. Broadcast; 4. LMHOSTS file;

5. HOSTS; 6. DNS.

Can ping ip and computer name

but can t see it on My Network Places

Symptoms: if

you can ping ip and computer name but can t see it on My Network Places even

you have correct DNS and WINS settings. Or you have enabled NetBIOS over

TCP/IP in a peer to peer workgroup network. Or when you may get NetBIOS name

resolution failure message.


1. If you have the ICF running, disable it. 2. Install netbeui or IPX


If nbtstat -n doesn t show that is server services, make

sure 1 the computer starts server service automatically; 2 you have

installed File and Printer Sharing; 3 Enable NetBIOS.

NetBIOS and WINS name resolution is required only on

mixed-mode Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000 and XP networks to provide

backward-compatibility older versions of Windows. If you have a domain

mixed-mode network with DHCP and DNS, you are better to create WINS in your

system. In workgroup mixed-mode network, most people enable NetBIOS over

TCP/IP to resolve NetBIOS name to equivalent to IP addresses. Alternatively,

you can install NetBEUI protocol in the clients.

Node Type

is modified after installing/removing a software

After installing/removing a software such as AOL and MS update, the Node

Type is modifies. As the result, you may have a connectivity issue. Refer to

case 091304XP

P-node issue

Point-to-Point node type relies on WINS servers for NetBIOS name

resolution. If the WINS server is unavailable, or if a node isn t configured

to contact a WINS server, the computer will not be able to ping other computer

by name.

Why enabling NetBIOS

over TCP/IP doesn t work

In a mixed OS win9x, NT, ME, W2K and XP workgroup network, you may need

to enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP on w2k/xp. However, you may be in a situation

that enabling netbios over tcp/ip doesn t work, but loading netbeui solve the

name resolution problem. There are many reasons for this. One of the popular

reasons is some software like firewall and NAT disable or block the TCP/IP.

One of solutions is loading NetBEUI on w2k/xp. Note: loading netbeui may be

slower the network and netbeui is not routable.

If you can t browse Network Neighborhood/My Network Places, but you can

connect to file and print shares by using UNC to map the networking resources,

you have a name resolution issue. Your may need to setup WINS server or enable

NetBIOS over tcp/ip,

Will XP

Pro operate as a client on a LAN using netbeui.

A: NetBEUI is unsupported WinXP by default. However, you can install NetBEUI

from the XP CD Re: Q301041.

  • Resolutions: 1. If two computers on the Network with the same name, use the nbtstat -n command to find out these two computers, for example, using nbtstat -n to.
  • Name resolution order on Windows XP s previous version. Before the XP, the name resolution generally occurs in the following order: 1. NetBIOS remote name cache; 2.
  • Event ID: 3095 - Source: NETLOGON - This Windows NT computer is configured as a member of a workgroup, not as a member of a domain. The Netlogon service does not.
  • Win 7 Very Slow - Which HP programs can I remove - posted in Windows 7: I have an hp Pavilion dv7 notebook with a 2.67ghz Intel i5 core and 8gb of memory running.

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